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FOR 70-year-old Ap­paduria Kup­pusamy, each day is Fa­thers Day be­cause his two sons are close to him.

For the past 10 years, his sons Barath Ap­paduria, 38, and Vik­nesh Ap­paduria, 33, have been help­ing him and his wife Thanaletchumy Ku­marasamy run their poul­try busi­ness in Klu­ang, Jo­hor.

Barath holds a busi­ness de­gree while Vik­nesh is an engi­neer­ing grad­u­ate. Rather than pur­sue their ca­reers else­where, the small town boys re­turned home to help their par­ents man­age their farm, the Barath Poul­try Farm.

“There was a sense of re­spon­si­bil­ity to help out with the busi­ness. Plus, we felt we could put the knowl­edge gained from our ed­u­ca­tion into prac­tice and ex­pand the fam­ily busi­ness,” says Barath.

Vik­nesh chips in: “From young, we’ve watched Appa and Amma work hard to grow their busi­ness. We also grew up help­ing to sell eggs at the morn­ing and night mar­kets. It seemed like a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion to join the fam­ily busi­ness.”

They had al­ways worked to­gether as a fam­ily, but their busi­ness is now stronger be­cause Ap­paduria recog­nised his sons’ strengths.

“Appa knows Vik­nesh and me bet­ter than any­one else. He har­nesses the best of our abil­i­ties to man­age the busi­ness. There aren’t any com­mu­ni­ca­tion bar­ri­ers as we know each other so well,” says Barath, a father-of-two.

He is in charge of mar­ket­ing and dis­tri­bu­tion, while Vik­nesh man­ages the over­all op­er­a­tions and also helps his father sell eggs in the mar­ket.

The broth­ers still live in the fam­ily home – lo­cated on their farm – with their wives and chil­dren.

Each day, Vik­nesh wakes up at 4am. Af­ter load­ing the eggs in his lorry, he heads off to the mar­ket with his wife, Jesminn Loh, and Ap­paduria. Their stall opens at 5am, and they work to­gether to sort their eggs ac­cord­ing to grades and serve their cus­tomers till they close at 11am. Mean­while, Barath loads his lorry and trav­els to dif­fer­ent parts of Jo­hor to de­liver the frag­ile goods. Barath’s wife Mukai Gane­san, 35, helps to man­age the fam­ily ac­counts.

Ther work­ing hours are long but the boys aren’t com­plain­ing.

For Vik­nesh, it’s all about con­tin­u­ing his par­ents’ legacy, the fruits of 30 years of hard work.

It’s also about stay­ing united as a fam­ily.

“The best bit is that we are able to have home­cooked meals to­gether and our chil­dren are grow­ing up to­gether. Some­times, busi­ness meet­ings are held over din­ner with the en­tire fam­ily, with our mother and wives,” adds Vik­nesh.

For 70-year-old Ap­paduria, there’s noth­ing more re­ward­ing than hav­ing his chil­dren by his side.

Broth­ers Vik­nesh (cen­tre) and Barath joined their father Ap­paduria’s busi­ness be­cause they want to stay to­gether as a fam­ily.

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