Love your dads while you have them

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I RECOLLECT my dad’s life. He truly was mind­ful of his role as a fa­ther.

My fa­ther brought us up with much dif­fi­culty. Mind you, there were eight of us. On a small salary he dis­charged his fa­therly duty to us and up­held other du­ties too.

He brought us up well. He taught us the value of love and for­give­ness. He made sure we were brought up right, a dis­ci­plined a lot.

And I will al­ways be grate­ful to him for bring­ing us in up in the Sikh re­li­gion.

And what of fa­thers to­day? They have to let their kids know that they love them. Chil­dren who feel loved are more likely to de­velop a strong emo­tional bond with their fa­ther and have healthy self-es­teem.

Fa­thers can be a pos­i­tive male role model. Chil­dren, re­gard­less of gen­der, need pos­i­tive male and fe­male role mod­els in their lives. Re­search has shown that in­volved fa­thers pro­mote pos­i­tive be­hav­iours by set­ting proper ex­am­ples for their chil­dren.

And that chil­dren tend to be hap­pier and more con­fi­dent when their fa­thers are ac­tively in­volved in their lives.

Re­search also sug­gests men and women of­ten dif­fer in their par­ent­ing styles. It can be healthy for chil­dren to be ex­posed to dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives on life.

Fa­thers are great peo­ple. You will know this when they are no more. Love them while you have them.

Bul­bir Singh


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