Al­bus Dum­ble­dore in the Harry Pot­ter se­ries by J.K. Rowl­ing

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IN the Harry Pot­ter se­ries, there are sev­eral ex­em­plary fa­ther fig­ures who en­ter into the life of The Boy Who Lived. There’s Sir­ius Black, Re­mus Lupin, and even Arthur Weasley. But none had a big­ger im­pact on me as a teenager than Al­bus Dum­ble­dore.

To be­gin with, Dum­ble­dore al­ways sees the good in peo­ple, even if they seem to be be­yond re­demp­tion. Even when Dum­ble­dore re­alises that the young Tom Rid­dle has much dark­ness and ha­tred in him when he first meets him in that or­phan­age, he still takes the fu­ture Lord Volde­mort into Hog­warts. Per­haps grow­ing up in a dys­func­tional fam­ily gave him the abil­ity to em­pathise with chil­dren from a sim­i­lar en­vi­ron­ment.

Also, Dum­ble­dore is not one who gives you all the an­swers you need. Un­like the stereo­typ­i­cal Asian par­ent who spoon­feeds chil­dren, Dum­ble­dore guides Harry down the right path but never re­veals ev­ery­thing to him, even if this means en­dan­ger­ing Harry’s life. He knows this is the only way for Harry to ma­ture, grow up and make the right choices. “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abil­i­ties,” he says in The Cham­ber Of Se­crets.

I don’t think Harry would have been the wiz­ard he turned out to be if Dum­ble­dore had held his hand ev­ery step of the way. Some­thing Asian par­ents need to think about, per­haps?

Lastly, what is a hero without sac­ri­fice? In The Half-Blood Prince, Dum­ble­dore will­ingly drank from the basin in the cave even when he knew it would make him de­ranged. I teared up so much when I reached that part of the novel and cried a river when he sac­ri­ficed him­self for the greater good. Yes, a great fa­ther fig­ure, and, with that ac­tion, the great­est wiz­ard of all time, too.

Dum­ble­dore is ar­guably the key fa­ther fig­ure in Harry’s life. — Movie still

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