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De­tec­tive Co­nan: The Crim­son Love Let­ter


THIS lat­est Co­nan film re­volves around the Ja­panese card game known as Karuta. When a Karuta cham­pion is killed, it opens up an in­ves­ti­ga­tion into this com­pet­i­tive world and the play­ers.

It would’ve been a more in­ter­est­ing film if the game was ac­tu­ally ex­plained in the movie as the in­ves­ti­ga­tion went on, so au­di­ences like me would be able un­der­stand the plot more.

De­spite this lit­tle hitch, it’s al­ways nice to see De­tec­tive Co­nan on the big-screen as well as on tele­vi­sion. – Ong Jing Wen

77 Heart­breaks

(★★★✩✩) EVA (Char­lene Choi) and Adam (Pakho Chau) have been a cou­ple for 10 years. So when Eva sud­denly breaks up with Adam, the lat­ter re­acts in the worst way pos­si­ble.

Want­ing to un­der­stand what hap­pened, he searches for an an­swer and chances upon Eva’s journal. It is then he re­alises his mis­takes, and vows to win her back.

77 Heart­breaks, directed by Her­man Yau, re­veals how pow­er­ful and im­por­tant for­give­ness is in a re­la­tion­ship. But it’s not easy to do, almost im­pos­si­ble re­ally, when one’s heart has been bro­ken too many times.

The best part about the movie for me is when Eva de­cides to leave her boyfriend and just move on with her life, as she doesn’t want to end up like her mother who is con­stantly hurt by her fa­ther.

The film ul­ti­mately tells us life is not all fairy tales and happy end­ings. – Bitrin Sol­un­gin

The Mummy


YOU might get a sense of deja vu when you watch this movie – ev­ery­thing comes to a full cir­cle as it ends up where it first started. At least, that’s how it looks like for the main char­ac­ter – trea­sure looter, erm, sol­dier-of-for­tune Nick Mor­ton (Tom Cruise).

There are lots of sus­pense­ful mo­ments in be­tween, what with an an­cient evil Egyp­tian Princess Ah­manet on the loose, Cruise in his ac­tion mode, a swarm of crows crash­ing into an air­plane, zom­bies, Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde, and a very dead side­kick

You might, how­ever, find some­thing lack­ing in the movie com­pared to the pre­vi­ous ver­sions which it is in no way con­nected to. But, with all the ac­tion-packed scenes, it’s watch­able enough ... if you’re a fan of Rus­sell Crowe or Tom Cruise, which I am not. – Ming Teoh

Won­der Woman


WE fi­nally have a fe­male-fronted su­per­hero movie where it’s not as em­bar­rass­ing as Halle Berry’s Cat­woman or as for­get­table as Jen­nifer Garner’s Elek­tra. The Won­der Woman you see here is great at com­bat, be­lieves in hu­mankind and is in­tel­li­gent at the same time.

Gal Gadot’s en­thu­si­as­tic wideeyed por­trayal of Diana Prince/ Won­der Woman will def­i­nitely win you over.

Now, if only I can feel the same way about the rest of the prod­uct.

I can’t stand the corny lines, one-di­men­sional vil­lains and overuse of slow mo­tion.

Some parts of the movie dragged on for too long that I wish more time could be spent on other char­ac­ters.

Oh well, just like how Diana’s heart breaks when she dis­cov­ers the truth about hu­man na­ture then al­lows her­self to be hope­ful again, thanks to a small re­minder of love, I want to be­lieve that Won­der Woman can do bet­ter. – An­gelin Yeoh

The Mummy

De­tec­tive Co­nan: The Crim­son Love Let­ter

77 Heart­breaks

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