Trans­form­ers: The Last Knight

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WHILE not as painful to sit through as Age Of Ex­tinc­tion ,this one still has lots of in­co­her­ent bat­tle scenes and some aw­ful con­ti­nu­ity prob­lems – such as a big hu­man-on-De­cep­ti­con bat­tle at a his­tor­i­cal mon­u­ment that sud­denly just ... ends.

Then there’s that largely silly com­edy rou­tine be­tween An­thony Hop­kins and his ro­botic manser­vant (which, to be fair, does have two funny Mel Brooks-in­spired mo­ments). And how many block­busters this year have to fea­ture a de­com­mis­sioned sub­ma­rine jump­ing its moor­ings? Only here, we don’t have Dwayne John­son di­vert­ing tor­pe­does with bi­cep power. Pity.

Trans­form­ers are out­lawed ev­ery­where on Earth ex­cept Cuba. Strangely enough, the global anti-ro­bot po­lice “TRF” – I’ll take it that stands for Trans­form­ers Re­ac­tion Force and not Trump Re­ac­tionary Force – seems ea­ger to hunt down and kill Au­to­bots while just throw­ing De­cep­ti­cons in jail. Blasted un­grate­ful hu­mans, you de­serve to have your planet eaten.

Re­turn­ing faces Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel and John Tur­turro are joined by Hop­kins as the Earl of Ex­po­si­tion, Laura Had­dock as a his­tory pro­fes­sor, and Is­abela Moner as a streetwise kid to face the im­pend­ing threat of Cy­bertron, the Trans­form­ers’ home­world, com­ing here to eat our planet. Told you we de­served it. (If only Or­son Welles was still with us to sug­gest a good wine with that meal.)

From be­ing the awe­some force of right­eous­ness he was in the first one and a half movies, Op­ti­mus Prime now just says his name so many times that he sounds like a WWE wrestler cut­ting a promo for the next pay-per­view. With its might­i­est el­e­ment neutered, the film re­lies on trusty old Bum­ble­bee for ro­bot thrills, and at least we can count on him for some chrome-plated Ca­mar­o­derie. And that’s not the worst pun you’ll get from all this. –

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