Cul­tural co­nun­drum?

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IT’S in the cul­ture, Madam Man­gai Balasegaram (“If This Isn’t A Call To Ac­tion...”, Hu­man Writes, June 25).

Bul­ly­ing cru­elty is built into the cul­ture. When some­thing or some­one is man­dated to be di­vine, then vis-a-vis that thing or per­son, you are noth­ing, an ab­so­lute ci­pher.

To a woman, her hus­band is god – at one time she was even ex­pected to climb into her hus­band’s fu­neral pyre. To a worker, his work is god, so he will not as­pire to climb up the caste lad­der. In the fam­ily, par­ents are gods, and the chil­dren ex­ist as ad­juncts to their di­vine par­ents. Their ex­is­tence is for the glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of their par­ents. Par­ents do not have to make any at­tempt to un­der­stand or reach out to their chil­dren.

Par­ents have low self es­teem be­cause their par­ents had treated them with con­tempt. So they treat their chil­dren with con­tempt.

Par­ents bully their chil­dren, the older chil­dren bully their younger sib­lings. And when they go out into the wider world, any­one show­ing any kind of weak­ness is like red meat to a car­ni­vore. Hence the bul­ly­ing, the gang­ster­ism, the crimes.

Stop blam­ing any­one else. It is, sim­ply, in the cul­ture, a cul­ture that can pro­duce mon­sters.

Mu­ru­gan Jo­hor Baru

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