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JOINTS are places in the body where two or more bones meet. A firm ma­te­rial called car­ti­lage cov­ers the end of each bone.

Car­ti­lage acts as a cush­ion be­tween bones and pro­vides a glid­ing sur­face for joint mo­tion. Arthri­tis usu­ally refers to any joint pain or joint dis­eases.

There­are­var­i­oustype­sof arthri­tis, in­clud­ing:

De­gen­er­a­tive arthri­tis – Also known as wear and tear joint dis­ease, os­teoarthri­tis (OA) is the most com­mon type of arthri­tis. It hap­pens when the car­ti­lage breaks down and bones start rub­bing each other, caus­ing pain, swelling and stiff­ness.

In­flam­ma­tory arthri­tis – In­flam­ma­tory arthri­tis hap­pens when the im­mune sys­tem at­tacks the joints with un­con­trolled in­flam­ma­tion, po­ten­tially caus­ing joint ero­sion. Rheuma­toid arthri­tis (RA) and pso­ri­atic arthri­tis are ex­am­ples of in­flam­ma­tory arthri­tis.

Metabolic arthri­tis – When the body pro­duces more uric acid than needed or the body can­not get rid of it quickly enough, the ex­cess uric acid might build up and form needle­like crys­tals in the joint. This will re­sult in sud­den joint pain also known as gout at­tack.

There are some medicine that can­be­tak­e­nasarthri­tis man­age­ment:

Glu­cosamine – Glu­cosamine is an amino sugar and prom­i­nent pre­cur­sor in the bio­chem­i­cal syn­the­sis of gly­co­sy­lated pro­teins and lipids, in­clud­ing gly­cosamino­gly­cans (GAG).

Glu­cosamine acts as the car­ti­lage build­ing block in re­duc­ing fric­tion be­tween joints.

Chon­droitin – Chon­droitin is a mol­e­cule nat­u­rally found in the body. It is a vi­tal part of car­ti­lage that cush­ions the joints, main­tains car­ti­lage elas­tic­ity by re­tain­ing wa­ter, and re­duces the ac­tiv­i­ty­ofen­zymesthat­break down car­ti­lage.

Col­la­gen – Type II col­la­gen rep­re­sents­the­largest­groupof col­la­gens in the car­ti­lage. It helps to main­tain the ten­sile strength of the car­ti­lage or re­sist stretch­ing force on the car­ti­lage.

A com­bi­na­tion of glu­cosamine and chon­droitin is more ef­fec­tive in pro­vid­ing clin­i­cally mean­ing­ful and sus­tain­ing anal­gae­sia in knee OA.

Life­style mod­i­fi­ca­tions also help to im­prove joint func­tions.

Main­tain­ing a healthy weight – A per­son who is 4.53kg (10 pounds) over­weight has 18.1kg (40 pounds) of ex­tra pres­sure on the knees. Be­sides caus­ing ex­tra pres­sure on weight-bear­ing joints, ex­cess fat that ac­cu­mu­lates in the body could also re­lease chem­i­cals into the body that pro­mote in­flam­ma­tion.

Ex­er­cise – Ex­er­cise­can help to in­crease flex­i­bil­ity, re­duce joint pain and main­tain a healthy weight, which helps to re­duce stress on painful joints.

Some­ofthe­ex­er­cis­es­thatare suit­able for those fac­ing arthri­tis prob­lems in­clude walk­ing, stretch­ing and swim­ming.

Some peo­ple might feel pain when do­ing ex­er­cise. How­ever, do not stop ex­er­cis­ing, just re­duce the time and fre­quency slightly. Ex­clud­ing ex­er­cise can make the arthri­tis worse, which can then cause more pain.

Diet – There is no spe­cific diet that helps arthri­tis. Our joints thrive on the same healthy diet as other or­gans, re­quir­ing plenty of fruits, veg­eta­bles, whole grains and oily fish.

For peo­ple hav­ing gout prob­lem, they need to take con­trol of their diet by avoid­ing al­co­hol and high-purine food.

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Arthri­tis is a joint dis­ease that oc­curs when the car­ti­lage cov­er­ing the bones is dam­aged.

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