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ARE you too tired to take in an af­ter­noon lec­ture? Col­laps­ing into bed, to­tally flaked out by the end of every day? If you’re do­ing too much, then you have to ex­am­ine your class sched­ule again. But if you’re tired with­out good rea­son, and every day is a strug­gle, then check out these tips and put some en­ergy back into your day.

Be­ing phys­i­cally fit means that your body can stream oxy­gen and nu­tri­ents to your brain – the less fit you are, the less ef­fi­cient your body-brain sys­tem will be. Make space every day for a brisk 15-minute walk (make sure it’s brisk and not loi­ter­ing) or do some­thing fun at least three times a week like ten­nis or paint­ball.

Our brains run on glu­cose but our bod­ies can’t store it. If you don’t eat of­ten enough, your

Work your body: Un­der­stand your brain on sugar:

glu­cose or blood sugar lev­els drop, and your brain drops out of gear too. But if you overeat, the body can’t cope and the ex­cess sugar is stored as fat – this is not good for you at all. So the trick to keep­ing your brain fu­elled is to make sure that you have a con­stant flow of blood sugar. Do this by eat­ing four or five small meals through­out the day rather than a few snacks and one big meal.

Junk and pro­cessed food is usu­ally loaded with sat­u­rated fat, salt and sugar that bloat your body and low on vi­ta­mins and mi­cronu­tri­ents that you need for good brain func­tion. Be re­spon­si­ble for what you put in your mouth. Buy a bag of mixed salad leaves, add some chopped tomato, cu­cum­ber and cap­sicum, toss in a splash of bot­tled low-fat salad dress­ing and gorge. Fol­low with fresh fruits. Do this twice a day.

Watch your mouth:

Stay away from junk food. Have a healthy sup­ple­ment of sal­ads and fresh fruits in­stead.

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