Cool su­per­heroes

What spe­cial pow­ers do you want to have?

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WON­DER Woman, Spi­der-Man and Cap­tain Amer­ica ... these are some of the fic­tional char­ac­ters from comic books such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

They are some of the su­per­heroes who fight against evil, and bring peace and jus­tice to mankind.

We are in awe of how Spi­derman can cling to most sur­faces and has the abil­ity to shoot spi­der webs us­ing wrist-mounted de­vices.

And there’s Won­der Woman, princess of the Ama­zon, who’s trained to be an un­con­quer­able war­rior.

And who can ever for­get Su­per­man, who is de­scribed as “faster than a speed­ing bul­let, more pow­er­ful than a lo­co­mo­tive and able to leap tall build­ings in a sin­gle bound.” How su­per­cool is that?

One of the many char­ac­ters we adore is Won­der Woman. Not only does she have su­per strength, she also has the fight­ing spirit, per­sis­tence and courage to bring peace and fight in­jus­tice.

If you could have a su­per power, what would it be? Re­gen­er­a­tive heal­ing pow­ers like Claire Ben­net’s from TV se­ries He­roes or Wolver­ine’s from The X-Men se­ries of movies? How about su­per speed read­ing like Barry Allen’s from TV se­ries The Flash or su­per­strength and su­per­hu­man speed like The Hulk’s?

Re­cently, Starchild asked read­ers to send in let­ters on the topic: My Su­per­power. Let’s hear what they have to say.

Eleven-year-old Dar­ren Chan wants to have ‘Su­per Saiyan’ pow­ers like the char­ac­ters from Ja­panese manga se­ries, Dragon Ball. “I want to be as strong as steel. It would be amaz­ing if I could save the world from dan­ger. My su­per­pow­ers will be used to de­fend

Lee Hau Ren, eight

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