Wish­ful think­ing

Treach­er­ous high school set­ting meets some dark Chi­nese magic in this made-for-teens af­fair.

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Now Show­ing THERE’S an im­por­tant les­son to be learned from the adage “be care­ful what you wish for”.

Dis­sect the premise about get­ting your wants sa­ti­ated with lit­tle to no ef­fort, and you will find that com­pla­cency and self-en­ti­tle­ment sets in. And we have seen the hor­rors of that in some so­cial land­scapes.

What bet­ter way to teach young folks that whole “work hard, don’t ex­pect to be handed free­bies” mes­sage than through the lens of a hor­ror movie, right?

Di­rec­tor John R. Leonetti makes it clear, through the movie’s dance club-ready sound­track to its Mean Girls-es­que high school set­ting, that this film is meant for the Snapchat-savvy crowd.

If Leonetti’s name strikes up a sense of deja vu, that’s be­cause this is the same dude Annabelle. The Con­jur­ing, The Con­jur­ing. Fi­nal Des­ti­na­tion-es­que Wish Upon’s The Walk­ing Dead’s

‘Hmm... do I wish for world peace or 10,000 In­sta­gram fol­low­ers?’ — Pho­tos: GSC Movies

John R. Leonetti

Joey King, Ryan Phillipe, Elis­a­beth Rohm, Ki Hong Lee, Shan­non Purser, Syd­ney Park, Sher­i­lyn Fenn ‘Ugh mean pop­u­lar kids, I swear they are like scarier than like any ghouls or deadly spir­its... like to­tally!’

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