How to de­clut­ter your home

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THE hard­est part about de­clut­ter­ing is de­cid­ing what to do with the things you come across as you tidy and sort out all the stuff.

What may help is to look at each item you in­stinc­tively want to put into the “Keep” pile and ask your­self: “Why do I want to keep this?” If your an­swer is some­thing along the lines of: “I am keep­ing this be­cause it is truly use­ful, and I use it at least once a week, every week”; “Be­cause it is valu­able and will grow in value over the years”, then all that make some sense.

But if your an­swer is: “I am keep­ing this be­cause it may come in use­ful some­day”; or “It re­minds me of the most re­cent movie I watched”, that isn’t so good.

A great part of the bat­tle is won if you can sort the things in each messy room into strict cat­e­gories – such as “tools”, “learn­ing ma­te­rial”, “hobby items”, “clothes”, “ac­ces­sories”, “pure sen­ti­ment”, “fi­nan­cial doc­u­ments” and so on. Some­times, when you see all that you’ve ac­cu­mu­lated in one cat­e­gory alone, you may re­alise that you need a lot less of it than you orig­i­nally be­lieved you did. – The Straits Times / Asia News Net­work

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