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TOYO Tyre Sales and Mar­ket­ing Malaysia (TSM) re­cently in­tro­duced three new tyres - Proxes CF2, Proxes CF2 SUV and Proxes ST III.

Toyo Tyre Sales and Mar­ket­ing Malaysia chair­man Kanji Ka­sai said the new of­fer­ings have lat­est tech­nolo­gies in­clud­ing Nano Bal­ance Tech­nol­ogy and T-Mode.

The Ja­panese-made Proxes CF2, has a new tread pat­tern de­sign that pro­vides im­proved wa­ter drainage and en­hanced aqua­plan­ing re­sis­tance with its wider main grooves.

There is low noise and im­proved han­dling with its new shoul­der rib block de­sign.

Also, lower rolling re­sis­tance, long wear life and ex­cel­lent wet or dry brak­ing per­for­mance are thanks to its op­ti­mal pat­tern stiff­ness.

Even Con­tact Pres­sure Dis­tri­bu­tion tech­nol­ogy also pro­vides im­proved han­dling and tyre wear per­for­mance.

The new tyre con­struc­tion pro­vides im­proved wet per­for­mance, long wear life and low rolling re­sis­tance by util­is­ing Toyo Tires’ Nano Bal­ance Tech­nol­ogy that in­cor­po­rates Spe­cial Sil­ica Com­pound, Su­per Ac­tive Poly­mer, Wear Re­sis­tant Poly­mer and Grip Poly­mer.

High speed dura­bil­ity and pre­cise uni­for­mity is achieved though its Joint-less Cap Ply, lin­ear steer­ing re­sponse and dura­bil­ity with its Polyester Cas­ing with High Hard­ness Bead Filler, low rolling re­sis­tance and com­fort through its Light Weight Con­struc­tion.

This tyre is avail­able in 13 sizes rang­ing from 16-18 inch rim di­am­e­ter.

The Proxes CF2 SUV, mean­while, was de­vel­oped for cross­over 4X4s and com­pact SUVs.

This SUV-Cen­tric tyre in­cor­po­rates all the lat­est fea­tures of the Proxes CF2 with the iden­ti­cal aim of achiev­ing su­pe­rior Com­fort and Safety.

This Ja­panese-made tyre is avail­able in five sizes rang­ing from 17-19 inch rim di­am­e­ter.

The Proxes ST III is a pre­mium ur­ban sport tyre for SUVs, crossovers and 4X4s.

It has a uni­di­rec­tional tread and side­wall de­sign with an ag­gres­sive and sporty im­age.

It pro­vides im­proved wet brak­ing, as im­por­tant safety fea­ture.

The ‘Light­ning’ Groove tread de­sign en­sures Wet per­for­mance and im­proved wa­ter Drainage.

The Par­al­lel­o­gram Block cre­ated in the im­age of the Stealth Fighter is de­signed with Wide and Stiff Blocks for ex­cel­lent per­for­mance in the dry and are less sus­cep­ti­ble to de­for­ma­tion dur­ing emer­gency brak­ing, of­fer­ing bet­ter tyre con­tact with the road sur­face.

The ‘Ar­row­head Taper’ tread pat­tern is de­signed for straight line sta­bil­ity and wet per­for­mance.

The Proxes ST III con­struc­tion, ben­e­fits from Sil­ica Com­pound util­is­ing Nano Bal­ance Tech­nol­ogy for im­proved wet per­for­mance, two-Car­cass Plies Cas­ing and High Hard­ness Bead Filler for ex­cel­lent han­dling and sta­bil­ity, Joint-Less Cap and Edge Ply for high speed per­for­mance while High Ten­sile Steel Belts en­sures ex­cel­lent han­dling. Rim Pro­tec­tor pro­tects the rim from scratch­ing.

The tyre is avail­able in nine sizes rang­ing from 16-22 inch rim di­am­e­ter.

Proxes ST III.

Proxes CF2.

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