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FLOW­ERS are mother na­ture’s best gift to mankind. They are beau­ti­ful and at­trac­tive.

Flow­ers come in dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes. They can be as big as the raf­fle­sia or as small as a daisy.

They rep­re­sent beauty and love, and are of­ten used to mark spe­cial oc­ca­sions such as wed­dings and cel­e­bra­tions.

Dif­fer­ent flow­ers sym­bol­ise dif­fer­ent feel­ings. Red roses are usu­ally given to loved ones, and car­na­tions to ex­press love to mothers.

Even chil­dren love flow­ers. Let’s hear what they like about flow­ers.

Inesh Dhayal, seven, likes the lo­tus flower. “I like the lo­tus be­cause it rep­re­sents pu­rity. It has beau­ti­ful round leaves float­ing on the wa­ter sur­face. Its root and stem can also be made into soup.”

“I love the flower rose be­cause it has many colours. But red roses are my favourite. There are over a hun­dred species of roses and thou­sands of cul­ti­vars,” writes Haresh Kovel­lan, 12.

Tanusya Man­imuttu, eight, likes roses too: “Roses are my favourite flower. They come in many colours like pink, red, white and yel­low. My favourite rose comes in two colours – pink and white.”

Six-year-old Azzim Aarez Shahrul Nizar ad­mires roses in all shapes and colours. “Roses are beau­ti­ful. I wish to have a gar­den filled with roses.”

Natalie Ang Xin Yan, five, says: “I like colour­ful flow­ers be­cause they are at­trac­tive and vi­brant.”

Chang Zhi En, nine, writes: “My favourite flower is the sun­flower. I love its bright colour. Be­sides the raf­fle­sia, sun­flow­ers are con­sid­ered big flow­ers too. Sun­flower seeds can be con­sumed. I love to eat roasted sun­flower seeds.”

Cas­san­draLimChingHui , nine, is a fan of sun­flow­ers too: “I like the sun­flower

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