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KI­NETICO whole-house water fil­ters and drink­ing water sys­tems are en­gi­neered to solve vir­tu­ally any water prob­lem pro­vid­ing clean, safe and worry-free drink­ing water for your en­tire home.

Ki­netico’s MACH Se­ries whole­house water fil­ters op­er­ate with­out the need for elec­tric­ity and are main­te­nance-free. The au­to­matic self-clean­ing sys­tem switches the fil­tra­tion process be­tween tanks dur­ing cleans­ing with­out down­time to pro­vide clean water to your home 24 hours a day. Ki­netico’s Drink­ing Water Sys­tem (K5) is an ad­vanced drink­ing sys­tem that can elim­i­nate ev­ery­thing un­nec­es­sary from your home’s drink­ing water.

> PreFil­ter, which re­moves chlo­rine used in large-scale mu­nic­i­pal water treat­ment, as well as sed­i­ment par­tic­u­lates.

> Re­verse Os­mo­sis Fil­tra­tion, where water is forced through a semi-per­me­able mem­brane that fil­ters in­or­ganic con­tam­i­nants like metal and ni­trates.

> FlexFil­tra­tion – Rev­o­lu­tion­ary Dual Flex fil­ters pro­vide cus­tomis­able fil­tra­tion to tackle your water’s in­di­vid­ual fil­tra­tion needs.

There is Pure­fecta Guard, which re­moves 99.99% of bac­te­ria and viruses gen­er­at­ing Biop­ure drink­ing water; the Guard, which elim­i­nates volatile or­ganic com­pounds in water such as pes­ti­cides, paints and clean­ing sup­plies; Arsenic Guard, which adds a layer of pro­tec­tion for water that has been shown to con­tain higher level of arsenic to en­sure its com­plete re­moval; Per­chlo­rate Guard, which re­moves per­chlo­rate that oc­curs from cer­tain forms of manufacturing and shown to ad­versely af­fect thy­roid; and Min­eral Plus, which adds ben­e­fi­cial min­er­als such as mag­ne­sium and cal­cium to the treated water. Two car­tridges can be used or none at all.

> PostFil­ter – The PostFil­ter re­moves any re­main­ing in­or­ganic com­pounds that might cause foul taste or odour.

Ki­netico patented prod­ucts are wholly de­signed and man­u­fac­tured in the United States.

For de­tails, call 03-6157 4888 (head­quar­ters), 04-398 1592 (Pe­nang), 07-235 3221 / 236 5211 (Jo­hor Baru), e-mail homes@ so­lartech.com.my or log on to www.so­lartech.com.my.

Ki­netico whole-house water fil­ters and drink­ing water sys­tem are en­gi­neered to solve vir­tu­ally any water prob­lems.

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