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THIS an­i­mated fea­ture is in­spired by the book

by Munro Leaf and Robert Law­son. It tells the story of a bull named Fer­di­nand who just loves hang­ing out in the field and smelling flow­ers. He doesn’t want to hurt any­thing or any­one. But Fer­di­nand is a big guy, and in Spain, bulls that look like Fer­di­nand are made to fight with mata­dors for spec­ta­tor sport. As luck would have it, af­ter sit­ting on a bee and run­ning wildly, snort­ing and stamp­ing, Fer­di­nand is mis­taken for an ag­gres­sive bull, and is taken for bull­fight­ing. Well, Fer­di­nand is hav­ing none of it and just wants to go back to his owner and his peace­ful field. Luck­ily, he made some new friends – which in­clude hedge­hogs with at­ti­tude and a goat – who help him es­cape. Di­rected by Car­los Sal­danha fea­tures the voice of pro­fes­sional wrestler John Cena as the tit­u­lar bull. Other cast in­cludes Kate McKin­non, David Ten­nant and Gina Ro­driguez. At the re­cent Cine­maCon, Cena was asked if he speaks Span­ish in since the story is set in Spain. “My Span­ish is a lit­tle bit rusty as I’m still try­ing to pol­ish up on my Man­darin. I’ll take one lan­guage at a time .... (But) I’ll work on it,” he said. is an ex­tra spe­cial movie about be­ing proud of who you are, not let­ting peo­ple change you and fight­ing for what you be­lieve in,” Cena said in an in­ter­view on NBC’s

morn­ing show. – is sched­uled to open in Malaysia on Dec 21.

Mum­taj Begum

It’s no bull, we re­ally should stop and smell the flow­ers. — Pho­tos: 20th Cen­tury Fox

Some­times, it does feel like an­i­mals are do­ing the driv­ing on the road.

Don’t mis­take life alone as a lonely life.

What’s a bull to do in a china shop?

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