More land is good?

When look­ing for a home with ex­tra ad­ja­cent land, there are sev­eral Vasthu prin­ci­ples that you should fol­low.

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HOUSE buy­ers of­ten look for prop­er­ties that have ex­tra land on the sides of their house so that they can have a spa­cious gar­den or com­pound to con­duct their out­door ac­tiv­i­ties.

How­ever, they should be se­lec­tive when choos­ing de­signs with ex­tra space, which is nor­mally found in the cor­ner or end lots or semi-de­tached prop­er­ties. One key el­e­ment is the plot must be square or rec­tan­gu­lar in shape and free from “cuts”.

Dur­ing my re­cent Vasthu Sas­tra talk at The Star Prop­erty Fair in Pe­nang, sev­eral par­tic­i­pants wanted to know the good and bad in in­vest­ing in a semi-de­tached prop­erty which comes with a piece of land at­tached to it.

Well, it all de­pends on the lo­ca­tion of the ad­di­tional space.

For a semi-de­tached unit fac­ing north, ideally, the house that has land in the eastern and north­ern sides should be cho­sen rather than the other unit at­tached to it, which has open space in the western and south­ern sides.

Hav­ing land in the east, north, north-east and north-west will al­low the oc­cu­pants in the prop­erty to en­joy more sub­tle en­er­gies be­cause the sun’s rays will be able to shine into their space freely with­out any ob­sta­cles.

Dwellers should open the ter­race lo­cated in the east to al­low more early morn­ing sun­shine into the home to flush out neg­a­tive and stale en­er­gies.

In the case of a north-fac­ing prop­erty with land space in the west or south, the plot is deemed un­favourable.

Dwellers stay­ing in a prop­erty hav­ing land in the west will ex­pe­ri­ence fi­nan­cial prob­lems and the oc­cu­pants will not en­joy peace of mind.

Ac­cord­ing to Vasthu, the western and south­ern sides of a prop­erty should not have (or min­i­mal) land space.

Hav­ing open spa­ces in th­ese ar­eas will free the en­ergy that is sup­posed to be stored in the en­clo­sures, thus af­fect­ing the well­be­ing of the dwellers.

Vasthu checks have re­vealed that women stay­ing in a prop­erty with more space in the south will face health is­sues.

To rem­edy the sit­u­a­tion, those who are stay­ing in plots hav­ing more space in the south or west should ex­tend their phys­i­cal build­ing struc­ture to fill the empty space.

Another op­tion will be to have tall struc­tures like trees placed in the area, or create a rock gar­den with­out a wa­ter fea­ture in the south-west cor­ner.

When choos­ing a semi-de­tached unit, buy­ers are urged to give pri­or­ity to the two car­di­nal points of north- or south-fac­ing prop­er­ties be­cause there will be less re­arrange­ment of ameni­ties.

This is based on the many de­signs and floor plans of ready­made semi-de­tached prop­er­ties I have seen. Prop­er­ties that face the west and south may face ori­en­ta­tion chal­lenges and the more dif­fi­cult ones are those fac­ing north­east, south-east, north-west and south-west.

For prop­er­ties fac­ing th­ese di­rec­tions, the own­ers of such units may have to do a ma­jor over­haul to their lay­out to meet Vasthu re­quire­ments.

Also avoid plots that are un­even or raised in the eastern and north­ern ar­eas be­cause such con­tours are in­aus­pi­cious in the two quad­rants.

Once you have se­lected the Vasthu com­pli­ant semi-de­tached plot, check the lo­ca­tion of the main door, which must not be placed in the south-west.

Fol­low­ing this view, the kitchen which should be in the south-east or north-west quad­rants.

Bath­room and toi­let fa­cil­i­ties must not be lo­cated in the south­west and north-east quad­rants. All other quad­rants are fine.

Bed­rooms should be in the south-west, south and west quad­rants for the bread­win­ner and spouse to oc­cupy.

The east, north, north-west and south-east quad­rants are ideal for chil­dren to oc­cupy.

T. Selva is the au­thor of the Vasthu Sas­tra Guide and is the first dis­ci­ple of 7th gen­er­a­tion Vasthu Sas­tra mas­ter Yu­varaj Sowma from Chen­nai, In­dia. You can fol­low him on twit­ter at @tsel­vas and write to him at tsel­vas@thes­ This col­umn ap­pears on the last Sun­day of ev­ery month.

A favourable lay­out for a semi-de­tached house, ac­cord­ing to Vasthu.

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