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THOSE craving for food, even when they are not hun­gry, are not alone. A sur­vey found that al­most all young women and nearly 70% of young men have food crav­ings.

There are many fac­tors be­hind food crav­ings, but emo­tion and de­sire are the most com­mon causes.

Ac­cord­ing to re­searcher on taste and food pref­er­ences Dr Adam Drewnowski, food crav­ings are trig­gered to sat­isfy emo­tional needs such as calm­ing stress and re­duc­ing anx­i­ety.

These com­fort foods are nor­mally high in car­bo­hy­drates, sugar and fat. When crav­ings get out of con­trol, more calo­ries are fed into the body than it needs, lead­ing to weight gain.

Cer­tain teas such as green tea can help ban­ish food crav­ings. Re­searchers found that green tea helps to sup­press ap­petite by boost­ing the lev­els of a hunger-stop­ping hor­mone.

Apart from its ef­fects on ap­petite, green tea also helps to burn fat. A study found that peo­ple who con­sume green tea have higher en­ergy ex­pen­di­ture from fat com­pared to those who do not.

When brewed with other botan­i­cal in­gre­di­ents such as garcinia cam­bo­gia and lemon­grass, green tea can help to pro­mote a calmer mood, re­duce crav­ings and even shed ex­tra pounds.

Garcinia cam­bo­gia has be­come pop­u­lar for its abil­ity to boost weight loss. This small cit­rus fruit helps sup­press ap­petite and pre­vent emo­tional eat­ing by im­prov­ing one’s mood, while also pre­vent­ing the body from pro­duc­ing fat due to ex­cess calo­ries.

Lemon­grass in tea is a di­ges­tive aid that helps relieve bloat­ing, con­sti­pa­tion and in­di­ges­tion. It also in­duces a health­ier sleep cy­cle, as we eat less when we have enough sleep.

Healthy and re­fresh­ing tea

The ben­e­fits of these botan­i­cals can be found in a sin­gle sa­chet of Beauxlim Botan­i­cal Tea with garcinia cam­bo­gia.

Made from nat­u­ral botan­i­cals, it is a unique blend of green tea, lemon­grass and garcinia cam­bo­gia, among oth­ers.

It comes with a lemon­grass aroma and can be en­joyed at any time of the day.

Beauxlim Botan­i­cal Tea has be­come a rou­tine drink for celebrity Mar­sha Lon­doh.

“Now, bloat­ing is not an is­sue any­more and I can sleep bet­ter, even af­ter a hec­tic day,” Lon­doh said. “Bet­ter yet, its unique blend of green tea and garcinia cam­bo­gia helps me main­tain my ideal weight.”

8TV host Natalie Ng is also a fan of Beauxlim Botan­i­cal Tea.

“Af­ter tak­ing this tea reg­u­larly, I find that I can con­trol my crav­ings bet­ter,” said Ng, also pop­u­larly known as Xiao Yu. “Main­tain­ing a slen­der body has be­come much eas­ier with just a cuppa daily.”

Beauxlim Botan­i­cal Tea with garcinia cam­bo­gia is avail­able in all lead­ing phar­ma­cies at RM28.80 for 15 te­abags. Buy now and get three ad­di­tional te­abags in each pack while stocks last.

The ef­fects of the prod­uct may vary among in­di­vid­u­als.

Beauxlim Botan­i­cal Tea with garcinia cam­bo­gia comes with a lemon­grass aroma and can be enoyed at any time of the day.

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