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VI­SION cor­rec­tion surgery, or re­frac­tive and laser eye surgery, is any sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure used to cor­rect vi­sion prob­lems. Ex­ten­sive re­search has pro­vided in­valu­able re­fine­ments and ad­vance­ments of laser tech­nol­ogy and di­ag­nos­tic tools to de­velop safe treat­ment op­tions for re­frac­tive dis­or­ders.

Laser-as­sisted in situ ker­atomileu­sis (Lasik) is the most per­formed elec­tive pro­ce­dure.

A new pro­ce­dure called ReLEx SMILE is gain­ing pop­u­lar­ity. Un­like con­ven­tional Lasik, it does not cre­ate a flap and in­volves the use of only one laser.

In­stead of vapouris­ing cornea tis­sue to cor­rect short-sight­ed­ness and astig­ma­tism, ReLEx SMILE carves out a small piece of corneal tis­sue called a lentic­ule in the cornea, which is re­moved through a key­hole in­ci­sion.

This sin­gle-step, all-in-one-laser op­er­a­tion only takes about 30 sec­onds for one eye and the en­tire pro­ce­dure is com­plete in about 15 min­utes for both eyes.

The laser is fast and uses low en­ergy. The pro­ce­dure is odour­less and silent, so there is less dis­com­fort for pa­tients. Pa­tients also feel more com­fort­able be­cause suc­tion on the eye dur­ing treat­ment is gen­tler.

Due to the smaller wound by min­i­mally in­va­sive surgery, ReLEx SMILE re­sults in a much stronger eye and less im­me­di­ate post-op­er­a­tive dis­com­fort.

Have your eyes prop­erly ex­am­ined by an eye sur­geon prior to surgery and dis­cuss all op­tions and po­ten­tial risks be­fore mak­ing any fi­nal choices.

The lentic­ule is re­moved through the small in­ci­sion. Dis­rup­tion to the biome­chan­ics of the cornea is min­i­mal and no flap is cut.

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