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The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - Your Health - Arthri­tis can af­fect one's per­sonal life and so­cial ac­tiv­i­ties if left un­treated.

AT 70 years old, Mary looks good for her age but walks like she is 100 years old, no thanks to the arthri­tis in her knees. It has been this way for at least three years now.

Mary has tried var­i­ous ways to deal with her de­gen­er­at­ing joints such as glu­cosamine and chon­droitin sup­ple­ments, shark car­ti­lage, acupunc­ture, physiotherapy, mas­sages, knee guards, var­i­ous oint­ments, hyaluronic in­jec­tions but noth­ing has lasted.

Our joints un­dergo a nat­u­ral de­gen­er­a­tion process as we age. One’s risk of de­vel­op­ing joint prob­lems in­creases if they are fe­male, have sus­tained a pre­vi­ous joint in­jury done con­tact sports or sim­ply use their joints heav­ily over a long pe­riod of time.

When we use our joints over a long pe­riod of time, the joints will re­lease cer­tain break­down en­zymes to fix any dam­age in­curred. These en­zymes are known as ma­trix met­al­lo­pro­teinases (MMPs).

With the con­tin­ual use of our joints, MMPs are pro­duced con­stantly and are unstoppable, thereby caus­ing joints to break down faster than they can be re­built.

Bi­olane, the New Zealand green-lipped mus­sel ex­tract, was found to be an ef­fec­tive MMP en­zyme with abil­ity to in­hibit the pri­mary MMP-1 and MMP-13 which then al­lows joints to truly re­build them­selves.

It has ad­di­tional an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory, an­tiox­i­dant and ma­rine min­eral heal­ing ac­tions mak­ing it a mul­ti­task­ing so­lu­tion to ad­dress the var­i­ous patholo­gies in­di­cated in joint prob­lems.

Bi­olane has been clin­i­cally tested in pa­tients to de­liver a 70% suc­cess rate. How­ever, pa­tients will need to un­dergo a treat­ment course of at least three months at the right dose be­fore ef­fects are felt.

Pa­tients also need to un­der­stand that Bi­olane is not a painkiller and they may still need to take their painkillers ini­tially be­fore the ben­e­fits of Bi­olane kicks in.

Bi­olane has stom­ach­pro­tect­ing prop­er­ties when taken to­gether with painkillers lead­ing to a re­duc­tion in gas­tric le­sions by more than 50%.

In the long run when MMPs are in bal­ance, pa­tients may find that they need not rely on their painkillers any more.

Bi­olane is prob­a­bly one of the most en­dur­ing joint health prod­ucts in the world to­day, tes­ta­ment of its qual­ity, safety and ef­fec­tive­ness.

Mary de­cided to try Bi­olane, which was rec­om­mended by her phar­ma­cist.

Closer to three months later, Mary re­alised that she had walked down­stairs one morn­ing with­out the usual tight­ness that had ham­pered her flex­i­bil­ity for so long.

Four months later, Mary is still mo­bile and has re­turned to her old rou­tine of join­ing her friends for a morn­ing walk.

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