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WITH the new Gin­tell De’Space UFO (Ul­ti­mate Fea­tures, Fu­tur­is­tic De­sign and Op­ti­mum Com­fort) mas­sage chair, a spe­cial eight-day health plan can help you and your loved ones re­gain good health and lead a more en­joy­able life.

Day 1 Pro­gramme: Ac­ti­va­tion – The mas­sage chair is a re­me­dial mea­sure that im­proves your health by stim­u­lat­ing 26 acu­pres­sure points on the foot and spine that cor­re­sponds to all ma­jor or­gans in the body, thereby har­mon­is­ing all or­gan func­tions.

It comes with the world’s first i-Sens­ing Sys­tem Tech­nol­ogy, which utilises mul­ti­ple ro­botic sen­sors (MRS) to au­to­mat­i­cally mea­sure your body shape, foot and calf length. This helps in an ac­cu­rate and hu­man­ised mas­sage as well as a 360˚ mas­sage sen­sa­tion.

Day 2 Pro­gramme: Body detox­i­fi­ca­tion – Tox­ins are ma­jor cul­prits of a va­ri­ety of chronic dis­or­ders. The more tox­ins are ac­cu­mu­lated in the body, the more dif­fi­cult it be­comes for our detox­i­fy­ing or­gans to ex­pel them. Gin­tell De’Space UFO mas­sage chair uses the in­no­va­tive Quad 3 Roller Balls to help elim­i­nate tox­ins from the body, re­store good health and re­lieve the bur­den on the detox­i­fy­ing or­gans.

Day 3 Pro­gramme: Im­prov­ing di­ges­tive health – Overeat­ing, ir­reg­u­lar meals and con­sum­ing too much car­bon­ated drinks cause di­ges­tive stress that will lead to di­ges­tive prob­lems such as con­sti­pa­tion, di­ar­rhoea, bloat­ing and pep­tic ul­cers.

The Quad 3 Roller Balls and Aero V-track in the mas­sage chair pro­vide cov­er­age on the lower lum­bar area, which helps in bowel move­ment.

Day 4 Pro­gramme: En­hanc­ing the im­mune sys­tem – This pro­gramme in­volves Zen Shi­atsu, a form of holis­tic mas­sage ther­apy to stim­u­late the nat­u­ral heal­ing power of the body. Quad 3 Roller Balls pro­vide the widest cov­er­age as well as 90% more hu­man­ised acu­pres­sure mas­sage.

Day 5 Pro­gramme: Im­prov­ing the res­pi­ra­tory sys­tem – This pro­gramme known as Tai Ji Breath helps in res­pi­ra­tory func­tion, which im­proves breath­ing ca­pac­ity. In ad­di­tion, the mas­sage chair ef­fuses neg­a­tive ions to pu­rify the am­bi­ent air.

Day 6 Pro­gramme: Re­leas­ing men­tal stress – Nick­named the VVIP Pro­gramme, this mas­sage stim­u­lates acupunc­ture points to re­lieve shoul­der pain, neck stiff­ness, headache and mi­graine. It is done in the pres­ence of sooth­ing mu­sic, an ad­di­tional fea­ture built within Gin­tell De’Space UFO mas­sage chair to in­duce deep re­lax­ation.

Day 7 Pro­gramme: Hor­mone bal­anc­ing – Hor­monal im­bal­ance is usu­ally caused by tox­ins, an un­bal­anced life­style and stress. In women, hor­monal ir­reg­u­lar­ity of­ten leads to ir­reg­u­lar and painful pe­ri­ods, headache and ab­nor­mal vagi­nal dis­charge.

The Waist and But­tock Pro­gramme is about stim­u­lat­ing the acupunc­ture points to re­store hor­monal bal­ance, giv­ing you ra­di­ance, en­ergy and con­fi­dence.

Day 8 Pro­gramme: Spinal care mas­sage – Long-term in­cor­rect pos­ture or sport in­jury will cause dis­place­ment of the spine, a con­di­tion known as sco­l­io­sis and var­i­ous as­so­ci­ated prob­lems such as headache, ten­donitis and back­ache.

The 180˚ Space Stretch Pro­gramme is de­signed to cor­rect poor body pos­ture. It con­sists of a lon­gi­tu­di­nal stretch to ex­tend the en­tire body by Ti­tan Airbags and a down­ward stretch for com­plete leg extension by the Auto Footrest.

As part of the cur­rent launch pro­mo­tion, buy­ers of the Gin­tell De'Space UFO will get a De'Vano S FUN­tas­tic Sofa for free.

Gin­tell group manag­ing direc­tor Datuk Goh Cheh Yak and renowned Hong Kong ac­tor Si­mon Yam, who is also the am­bas­sador for Gin­tell.

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