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JACK, Kai Mian and Ah­mad were some of the best mar­tial arts stu­dents in their school. They earned their black belts when they were only eight years old. They could eas­ily knock down a group of thieves.

Un­for­tu­nately, the trio never used their mar­tial arts to de­fend oth­ers. In­stead, they used it to bully Azure, the weak­est girl in their class.

Azure was short, skinny and shy. She never told any­one that the boys were bul­ly­ing her.

One sunny af­ter­noon, Azure was walk­ing alone to the school gate. Sud­denly the three boys jumped out from nowhere.

“Look, it’s lit­tle help­less Azure,” teased Jack.

Azure kept her cool.

“And she’s go­ing to cry. How bor­ing,” said Ah­mad.

That’s when an­other boy leapt out, and yelled: “Hey! Don’t you dare tease her any­more!”

It was Wei To, the class mon­i­tor. He was fair to ev­ery­body in class. Every­one – ex­cept the trio – liked him.

Azure smiled.

Kai Mian smirked. “Get away, baby boy, be­fore we kick you.”

Wei To gulped but bravely stepped for­ward, and said, “If you dare...”

Kai Mian was fu­ri­ous. In one punch, he knocked poor Wei To on the ground and kicked him. Jack lifted Wei To and shoved him to a wall.

“We won!,” Jack smirked.

To their sur­prise, Azure didn’t break down cry­ing. She stood there, stand­ing still and firm like a tree.

“Hey you! Cry!” Ah­mad or­dered. That’s when she said some­thing that struck fear in their hearts.

“You’ll cry first,” she com­mented. Azure threw triple punches and two com­plex kicks at Jack. He dodged a few, but when he was punched in the face, he felt pain he’d never ex­pe­ri­enced be­fore. Yes, it was the punch from a mar­tial arts mas­ter.

“You’re a black belt holder,” he stam­mered.

“Yes, so what?,” she asked.

Then, Ah­mad threw a hard punch at Azure who fell to the ground but she man­aged to kick him back. Azure pointed to Kai Mian, who was hold­ing on to Wei To. “Re­lease him!!”

Kai Mian smirked. “In your dreams.” “Then, take this!” she said, punch­ing Kai Mian. He fell down on a bench, too hurt and scared to say any­thing.

From then on, no one dared to bully Azure or the other stu­dents. The bullies have learned their les­son – never bully any­one, and never to judge a book by its cover. – By Joanna Ong Yu Han, 10.

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