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A HAPPY re­laxed cat will go and find his own favourite sleep­ing spots. How­ever, if you’ve just adopted a kitty, and he’s shy, you can help cre­ate a few snug­gle spots that will help your pet feel se­cure when he’s asleep.

> A card­board box is a cat’s cas­tle. Take one that’s slightly big­ger than your pet, and turn it on to its side. Leave the top and one side flap closed. Your kitty will crawl in­side, and may pull the sec­ond flap closed for com­plete pri­vacy. When your pet is in­side, con­sider him to have put up the Do Not Dis­turb sign.

> Leave the laun­dry stack in a quiet cor­ner. Any heap of clothes means your pet can bury him­self in soft good­ness. Su­per-shy cats may go to­tally camo and cover them­selves with your tee or towel. If your pet chooses the dirty laun­dry pile, he’ll get used to your scent too, which may help bond­ing.

> Leave a cup­board door open, prefer­ably one with a shelf. Cats like to sleep in spa­ces where their en­e­mies can’t get to them, which is why strays will sleep on roofs and the tops of doors. If you have a shelf in your wardrobe, your pet may want to adopt this as a safe snooze spot. Be help­ful and ar­range for easy ac­cess and exit. If you have a book­case, that can be a nice al­ter­na­tive.

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