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What is a den­tist’s of­fice? A fill­ing sta­tion.

What did one girl cal­en­dar say to the other girl cal­en­dar? “I have more dates than you do.”

What do you call a per­son who looks over your shoul­der while you are eat­ing at the lunch counter?

A coun­ter­spy.

What is pur­ple and conquered the world? Alexan­der the Grape.

When do mon­ster moth­ers re­ceive gifts? On Mummy’s Day.

What per­son watches the stars? A movie fan.

What did the chicken say when it was put in the pot?

“Boy, am I in hot wa­ter!”

What is a prize­fighter’s fa­vorite drink? Punch.

Source: The Big­gest Rid­dle Book In The World/ TNS

Tanesh­wari A/P Kovel­lan, 10

Melissa Mae Ganesh, 6

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