Rooms for the mar­riage-minded

There are spe­cific spa­ces in your home that can in­flu­ence your emo­tions, mood and thoughts in ful­fill­ing your mat­ri­mo­nial de­sire.

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ARE you look­ing for a life part­ner and hav­ing dif­fi­culty find­ing one?

Well, in Vasthu Sas­tra (In­dian sci­ence of ar­chi­tec­ture) there are spe­cific spa­ces that you can oc­cupy in your house that can in­flu­ence your emo­tions, mood and thoughts in ful­fill­ing your mat­ri­mo­nial de­sire.

A grow­ing is­sue in many homes now is par­ents wor­ry­ing about their chil­dren reach­ing the el­i­gi­ble age of be­tween 28 and 32 and they are hav­ing trou­ble find­ing their soul mate or lack­ing in­ter­est in get­ting mar­ried.

Mar­riage, ac­cord­ing to the In­dian Rig Veda text, is not based on any­one’s gut feel­ings but re­garded as an es­sen­tial sacra­ment union in ev­ery­one’s life.

The scrip­ture says that ev­ery Hindu must marry be­cause “to be moth­ers were women cre­ated and to be fa­thers men.”

The Veda or­dains that man to­gether with his wife should be blessed with off­spring to make a per­fect in­sti­tu­tion of mar­riage and ful­fil their obli­ga­tions in this world.

The two el­e­ments that should be checked when there is a nup­tial de­lay are: the lo­ca­tion the man or wo­man is oc­cu­py­ing in a prop­erty; and the other is to an­a­lyse the birth chart of the in­di­vid­ual as­tro­log­i­cally.

Astrol­ogy should be able to pro­vide you with a fore­cast on the favourable pe­riod based on the plan­e­tary po­si­tions of the in­di­vid­ual’s birth chart.

Vasthu, on the other hand, fo­cuses on sub­tle en­ergy flow that will be able to flush out the neg­a­tive blocks and sat­isfy the pro­cess.

The favourable quad­rant to oc­cupy for a per­son who is in the mar­riage­able age group should be in the north-west, the air cor­ner, which is pro­tected by the Lord of the Wind.

The ce­les­tial planet of Kethu (dragon tail) gov­erns this quad­rant which is an aus­pi­cious place for an un­mar­ried per­son to oc­cupy.

Sleep­ing in this sec­tor will cre­ate the feel and be­liefs about set­tling down and he or she should be able to get op­por­tu­ni­ties to meet his or her life part­ner with­out ob­sta­cles.

The other choices are west which is pro­tected by the Lord of Wa­ter with Saturn gov­ern­ing this sec­tor, and south pro­tected by the Lord of Life and Death. Mars gov­erns the south quad­rant and gives pos­i­tive re­sults to any­one oc­cu­py­ing this en­clo­sure in a house.

Both the lo­ca­tions would also in­crease the chances of an in­di­vid­ual re­ceiv­ing pro­pos­als.

If an un­mar­ried per­son oc­cu­pies the north-east which is the sa­cred cor­ner in a house, the per­son would not de­velop in­ter­est in mar­riage but in­stead shift at­ten­tion to­wards a spir­i­tual life.

This is be­cause the north-east sec­tor is pro­tected by the Lord of In­tel­lect and gov­erned by Mer­cury. The space is ded­i­cated to di­vine ac­tiv­i­ties and it is in­aus­pi­cious for a man or wo­man to oc­cupy it.

The main ac­tiv­ity in this sec­tor is the prayer room.

The above lo­ca­tions to ex­pe­dite con­ju­gal thoughts are only ap­pli­ca­ble to sin­gle peo­ple be­cause the po­si­tions change af­ter they get mar­ried.

A mar­ried cou­ple should oc­cupy the south-west quad­rant which comes un­der the pro­tec­tion of the Lord of Fame and Wealth. Rahu (dragon head) rules this quad­rant and this is the best place for a pair to live in.

Also on the bed the hus­band should sleep on the right side of the bed and his wife on the left for bond­ing and close­ness.

Their sleep­ing po­si­tions should have the heads to­wards the east or west for a rest­ful slum­ber and wak­ing up feel­ing en­er­getic.

Ac­cord­ing to astrologer Master Yu­varaj Sowma, mar­i­tal de­lays can oc­cur if Saturn, Mars and the ce­les­tial plan­ets of Rahu (dragon head) and Kethu (dragon tail) com­bi­na­tion hap­pens in any mar­riage-re­lated house in the horoscope of an in­di­vid­ual.

How­ever, he says this can be eased via cer­tain spe­cific rit­u­als and prayers to mit­i­gate the malefic ef­fects of the plan­ets.

Mar­riage, in short, should be re­garded as a di­vine uni­fi­ca­tion and not as a civil con­tract.

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