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THE FAST acro­nym was cre­ated in 1998 to en­able by­standers of stroke vic­tims to cor­rectly iden­tify in­ci­dences of stroke and get the vic­tim the emer­gency med­i­cal aid they need.

In all stroke cases, re­sponse time is the most im­por­tant thing to be con­sid­ered as even a one-minute de­lay in get­ting a stroke vic­tim to a hos­pi­tal could prove to be fa­tal. keep both raised.

Speech – A per­son who has stroke will most prob­a­bly have dif­fi­culty speak­ing. Ask the per­son to say a sim­ple sen­tence such as Malaysia truly Asia and ob­serve for jum­bled words or slurred speech.

Time – Call emer­gency ser­vices as soon as pos­si­ble and make sure the per­son af­fected is sit­ting or laid down to pre­vent falling.

Other symp­toms of a stroke, which are not in­cluded in FAST, are a se­vere headache, dizzi­ness, loss of bal­ance, loss of vi­sion or dou­ble vi­sion, and un­ex­plained falls or dif­fi­culty in con­trol­ling limb move­ments.

Em­ploy­ing the FAST test could po­ten­tially save thou­sands of stroke suf­fer­ers from mor­tal­ity and mor­bid­ity by al­low­ing faster treat­ment.

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