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While the souped-up Elantra Sport is the out­right pow­er­house with 204PS and has a faster ac­cel­er­a­tion com­pared with the Civic, it’s also the smaller of the two.

The Elantra Sport’s ap­peal seems to be tailored to those who en­joy edgier driv­ing thrills and sportier in­te­rior.

The Civic, on the other hand, has a more so­phis­ti­cated ap­pear­ance, mak­ing the Elantra Sport seem rougher around the edges and does lit­tle to sug­gest per­for­mance from its good looks.

Both cab­ins are worlds apart, with the Elantra hav­ing the more cosy en­vi­ron­ment, while the Civic has a more spa­cious air.

Boot space in the Elantra Sport is lim­ited to 420 litres while the Civic has 99 litres more at 519.

Some may take a lik­ing to the Elantra Sport’s red-out leather in­te­rior and that rel­a­tively ag­ing cen­tre con­sole, but the Civic’s con­ven­tion­ally dark ap­proach for the in­te­rior with a fu­tur­is­tic de­sign seemed to have the ad­van­tage.

On the road, the Elantra Sport is the out­right win­ner with its zippy na­ture with its su­pe­rior power, han­dling and fast act­ing du­al­clutch gear­box.

On the flip side, the Civic is the more com­fort­able ride and isn’t as thirsty, thanks to its smooth con­tin­u­ously vari­able trans­mis­sion.

And with the Civic cost­ing RM131,880 to own, just RM392 over the Elantra Sport’s RM131,488 price tag, it be­comes this com­par­i­son’s win­ner with bet­ter lev­els of econ­omy, space and brand ap­peal.

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