‘MB re­movals’ un­true

> Umno source re­futes claims four MBs will be re­placed


PETALING JAYA: Talk of the pos­si­ble re­moval of four men­tris be­sar from their posts by Prime Min­is­ter Datuk Seri Na­jib Ab­dul Razak seems to be un­founded.

Re­ports have been cir­cu­lat­ing that the MBs of Pa­hang, Tereng­ganu, Kedah and Ne­gri Sem­bi­lan may be re­placed be­fore the next gen­eral elec­tion.

A high-level Umno source told theSun the prime min­is­ter, who is Umno pres­i­dent, is very un­likely to make such changes as he will not want to rock the state ma­chiner­ies.

He said al­though there is a need for Umno to be rein­vig­o­rated with new and younger blood, it is very likely any changes will only be made af­ter the gen­eral elec­tion.

“If there is a change be­fore, it would most likely be the Tereng­ganu Menteri Be­sar Ah­mad Razif Ab­dul Rah­man.”

He added that Per­sat­uan AnakA­nak Tereng­ganu had a closed­door meet­ing with Na­jib last week, where the is­sue of re­plac­ing Ah­mad Razif was brought up.

“Many felt that if the present men­tri be­sar re­mains in his post, the state will likely fall to PAS. They want a new men­tri be­sar but are not in favour of for­mer MB Datuk Seri Ah­mad Said re­turn­ing.”

He said talk of Ne­gri Sem­bi­lan Men­tri Be­sar Datuk Seri Mo­hamad Hasan be­ing ill is also un­founded.

He added some Umno war­lords are not in favour of the three-term MB but Mo­hamad is a staunch sup­porter of the prime min­is­ter.

On Kedah Men­tri Be­sar Datuk Seri Ah­mad Bashah Md Ha­ni­pah, who is re­port­edly un­well but has since de­nied the claims, he said Na­jib will not be re­plac­ing him as he would be un­will­ing to take a gam­ble on the sit­u­a­tion in Kedah.

“Due to the re­cent up­heaval in the state, another change of lead­er­ship may af­fect Barisan Na­sional’s chances of re­tain­ing Kedah. The prime min­is­ter will only act if Ah­mad Bashah’s health takes a turn for the worst,” he said.

On Pa­hang Men­tri Be­sar Datuk Seri Ad­nan Yaakob, he said de­spite po­lit­i­cal chat­ter that he may step down and will not be de­fend­ing his Pe­lan­gai state seat, the prime min­is­ter will not act to re­place him, at least un­til GE14.

He said mak­ing changes in Pa­hang is not easy as Ad­nan is well liked by not only the peo­ple but also roy­alty. At­tempts to con­tact the four men­tris be­sar were un­suc­cess­ful as at press time.

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