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WITH­OUT a doubt, the air we breathe is get­ting more pol­luted as the days go by.

When we’re out­doors, we in­hale pol­lu­tion from mo­tor ve­hi­cles and in­dus­trial fa­cil­i­ties, whereas when we’re in­doors, we’re also ex­posed to dust, pet dan­der and more.

Most of the time, we dis­miss this as harm­less, with­out know­ing that pro­longed ex­po­sure, es­pe­cially to grow­ing chil­dren whose lungs are not fully de­vel­oped, may lead to life­long res­pi­ra­tory prob­lems.

We may not be able to change the out­door air qual­ity in­stantly, but we can be­gin at home with a re­li­able air pu­ri­fier, such as the ones pro­duced by Khind.

Khind Air Pu­ri­fier HAP 30 and HAP 40 are the lat­est mod­els in the mar­ket.

These air pu­ri­fiers are equipped with mul­ti­ple fil­ters, whereby each of them plays an es­sen­tial role in pro­duc­ing cleaner air.

Volatile or­ganic com­pounds such as formalde­hyde, am­mo­nia and ben­zene are ab­sorbed and de­com­posed in the first layer called the Cold Cat­a­lyst fil­ter.

After that, strong smelling odours from the room are re­moved through the sec­ond layer, the Cel­lu­lar-Ac­ti­vated Car­bon fil­ter.

The An­tibac­te­rial fil­ter, which is the third layer, helps to re­move fine par­tic­u­lates and bac­te­ria.

Sub­se­quently, strong fil­tra­tion of bac­te­ria, dust, mould al­ler­gens and other tiny par­ti­cles are pro­vided through the fi­nal layer called the High Ef­fi­ciency HEPA fil­ter.

The HEPA fil­ter alone has a 99.5% re­moval rate of par­tic­u­late mat­ter (PM) of 2.5, which are fine par­ti­cles that are 2.5 mi­crons in di­am­e­ter or less – small enough to be eas­ily drawn into the lungs dur­ing breath­ing.

Be­sides the cut­ting-edge main func­tions, the Khind air pu­ri­fier se­ries is also equipped with an ul­tra­vi­o­let ster­il­is­ing light that kills bac­te­ria.

It also gen­er­ates neg­a­tive ions to im­prove the air qual­ity in the room, mak­ing it fresher and health­ier to in­hale.

Worry not about the has­sle of switch­ing it on and off, be­cause it comes with a three-speed fan and a 12-hour timer set­ting, as well as a sleep mode that is best used in bed­rooms be­cause of its low-noise level.

For those prone to eye ir­ri­ta­tion, dry skin and dry throat, the Khind HAP 40 is rec­om­mended for its added hu­mid­i­fi­ca­tion func­tion.

Com­ing with three mist vol­ume set­tings and a wa­ter cut-off alarm, the hu­mid­i­fy­ing func­tion pro­vides a more com­fort­able air qual­ity.

In terms of its ef­fec­tive cov­er­age area, the Khind HAP 30 and HAP 40 covers 30m² and 40m² re­spec­tively.

For the Clean Air De­liv­ery Rate (CADR), the HAP 40 works as fast as 220m³/h, and 150m³/h for the HAP 30.

The higher the CADR re­sult, the bet­ter the abil­ity to clean in­door air that is pol­luted with to­bacco smoke, dust, pollen and more.

Both the Khind Air Pu­ri­fier HAP 30 and HAP 40 come with a three­year war­ranty and are avail­able at ma­jor re­tail out­lets.

For more on these Khind HAP se­ries of air pu­ri­fiers, visit the Khind Malaysia web­site.

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