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THE PHILOSO­PHER Plato said that time is the mov­ing im­age of eter­nity. The Mayans of South Amer­ica spoke of the re­peat­ing wheels of time ev­ery 5,125 years or so, and in the Bible, in the Book of Ec­cle­si­astes, th­ese well-known lines are of­ten spo­ken: “There is a time for ev­ery­thing: a time to sow, a time to reap, a time to be born, a time to die ... a time to laugh, a time to cry ...“

Time has three faces but each makes sense only from the present. God, who Him­self lives in eter­nity, un­der­stands the three faces of time as they man­i­fest on earth but places our aware­ness in the present.

What does the present say? It says that it is a time for a new con­scious­ness, to open the third eye and see be­hind ap­pear­ances, to open the third ear and lis­ten to for­got­ten truths.

Time mea­sures the rhythm of na­ture. How­ever, we hu­man be­ings are now so out of rhythm be­cause of our self­ish code of con­duct that this also af­fects na­ture.

When har­mony and truth are lost in the hu­man mind, chaos and cri­sis be­gin in hu­man­ity as a whole and in na­ture glob­ally. How is the hu­man be­ing to re­turn to that nat­u­ral state again?

Let us take con­scious­ness to its small­est unit – one thought; let’s take time to its small­est unit – one sec­ond; and let’s take hu­man life in the body to its small­est unit – one breath, one heart­beat.

When con­scious­ness is right, then this in­flu­ences time be­cause, when all is said and done, con­scious­ness di­rects time and not the other way around.

This thought re­peated with com­plete con­cen­tra­tion dur­ing the day gives the self, power. This use of time and thought re­stores the most pos­i­tive en­er­gies to the hu­man soul.

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