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An­other nat­u­ral “prod­uct” to aid in the fat and diet de­part­ment is raspberry. It has been used for nutri­tional and med­i­cal pur­poses for cen­turies. The ke­tone com­pounds con­tained in rasp­ber­ries have anti-obe­sity prop­er­ties.

It re­duces ab­sorp­tion of di­etary fat, in­creases lipol­y­sis (the break­down of fats) as well as ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis, which in­creases me­tab­o­lism slightly for a few hours af­ter in­ges­tion, thus, caus­ing the body to burn more calo­ries even when at rest.

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