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A MOTHER from Fin­land has helped solve the age-old prob­lem of sleep­less­ness for new par­ents and ba­bies by in­vent­ing a sel­f­rock­ing mat­tress.

Hanna Sissala ( above, left), a start-up en­tre­pre­neur from Helsinki, for­mu­lated the idea after strug­gling to get her own baby, Solina, to sleep one night.

“We slept badly, our baby cried for hours ev­ery night,” said Sissala. “We soothed her in the pram, crib or in our arms, but noth­ing seemed to help – so I de­cided to in­vent a so­lu­tion.”

De­signed to be breath­able, the Famil­ings baby mat­tress ( above, right) al­lows air to pass through it – mak­ing the prod­uct safer than or­di­nary mat­tresses by re­duc­ing the risk of suf­fo­ca­tion – and works by rock­ing in­fants to sleep with an up-and-down mo­tion.

The pro­ject has been com­mended world­wide as a first for de­sign, and won the In­no­va­tion Award in the World of Kids Fur­ni­ture cat­e­gory at the lead­ing in­ter­na­tional trade fair, Kind + Ju­gend, in Ger­many, last month.

Since launch­ing the mat­tress last month, Sissala said she had been “over­whelmed” by the re­sponse and was work­ing to ex­pand pro­duc­tion on the heav­ily sought- after prod­uct.

“I am al­ready be­ing ap­proached by com­pa­nies from Africa to South Amer­ica, be­cause fam­i­lies all over the world can be helped for the same prob­lem.”

Sissala said she was able to test out the prod­uct with her own fam­ily after her son Elmer was born last year.

“Be­fore the mat­tress, he only slept for 10-minute naps,” she said. “He woke up tired and cry­ing and we were stressed. After we got the mat­tress, he slept for 45-minute naps and woke up smil­ing.”

Ac­cord­ing to Sissala, safety was the most im­por­tant fac­tor when de­sign­ing the Famil­ings mat­tress.

“Many of us in the team have small chil­dren,” she said. “We know how im­por­tant sleep is for the well­be­ing of the whole fam­ily, but as par­ents, we also know that noth­ing is more im­por­tant than the safety of your baby.

“Air passes through (the mat­tress) eas­ily, to make it safe even if the baby turns face down.

“Par­ents can’t choose how well their baby sleeps, but my hope is with this prod­uct, even fam­i­lies whose baby has trou­ble fall­ing asleep can be happy and en­joy good in­ter­ac­tion with their baby.” – The In­de­pen­dent

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