Ad­just your mir­rors cor­rectly

> It’s pos­si­ble that you don’t have your side mir­rors ad­justed prop­erly

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Fi­nally, look out the win­dow on your (driver’s) side: What’s wrong with this pic­ture? Look at the yel­low boxes in the re­flec­tions of the mir­rors of pix 2 and pix 3. mir­ror is now “look­ing fur­ther” to the right, re­veal­ing what used to be the blind spot.

As for ad­just­ing the pas­sen­ger-side mir­ror, move your head to the cen­tre of your car (be­tween both front seats’ head­rests) and ad­just your left out­side mir­ror out un­til you can barely (or barely can not) see the side of your car:

Yes, you can see a car now. See the dif­fer­ence be­tween this photo (pix 5) and pix 1? Just like it was in pix 3 and pix 4, that VW was nowhere to be seen be­fore. And yes, if my left out­side mir­ror was ad­justed the “old way”, and I sim­ply move to the lane on my left – since I don’t see any other ve­hi­cle on that side (pix 6) – both the VW and I might get into trou­ble. And re­mem­ber, the left lane is where many mo­tor­cy­clists usu­ally are, and their ma­chines are much smaller and a lot less vis­i­ble than cars.

The goal is to set it up so that once a car leaves your rearview mir­ror, it ap­pears in your side mir­ror (pix 7), and once it leaves your side mir­ror, it ap­pears in your side win­dow/ pe­riph­eral vi­sion.

It is good if you can ex­per­i­ment this in an empty park­ing lot, prefer­ably with a fam­ily mem­ber or friend driv­ing an­other car to be in your mir­rors, un­til you get the ideal an­gle.

You can see that by us­ing the “old way” of ad­just­ing the mir­rors, you have to look over your shoul­der and through the rear win­dow while driv­ing, just to no­tice the white VW, on ei­ther side of you, which is not a good thing to do!

With the mir­rors in their new po­si­tions, you turn your head less and be able to see more, while es­sen­tially elim­i­nat­ing your blind spots. It does take some get­ting used to, but give it a shot!

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