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IREAD an ar­ti­cle in SUC­CESS Mag­a­zine a while back called “5 Tips for Cre­at­ing a Pow­er­ful Per­sonal Brand”. A pow­er­ful per­sonal brand is the first step in cre­at­ing pos­i­tive per­sonal im­pact – a key in­gre­di­ent to your ca­reer suc­cess mix.

The ar­ti­cle listed five keys to a suc­cess­ful brand… 1. Brand your­self through your

pro­fes­sional pres­ence. 2. Brand your­self as a val­ued part­ner. 3. Brand your­self with strong

com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills. 4. Brand your­self by stay­ing one step

ahead. 5. Brand your­self as be­ing so­cial savvy.

I agree with all five of these com­mon sense per­sonal brand­ing tips. But I have one ad­di­tional com­mon sense per­sonal brand­ing tip to add: Brand your­self as a per­son of in­tegrity. Tweet 62 in my ca­reer ad­vice book Suc­cess Tweets says … “Your per­sonal brand should be unique to you, but build on in­tegrity. In­tegrity is do­ing the right thing when no one is look­ing.”

Ac­cord­ing to Wikipedia, “In­tegrity is con­sis­tency of ac­tions, val­ues, meth­ods, mea­sures and prin­ci­ples.” In­tegrity and con­sis­tency are in­ter­twined. Peo­ple who are con­sis­tent in their ac­tions are seen as peo­ple with a high de­gree of in­tegrity.

Oprah says, “Real in­tegrity is do­ing the right thing, know­ing that no­body’s go­ing to know whether you did it or not.” This is true. If you prac­tise sit­u­a­tional ethics – do­ing the right thing only when you’re in the pub­lic eye — you aren’t re­ally a per­son of high in­tegrity, you’re just pre­tend­ing to be one.

Be­sides, it’s hard to act one way in pub­lic, and another in pri­vate. So, to be safe, fol­low Oprah’s ad­vice. Do the right thing be­cause it’s the right thing to do – not be­cause you’ll get credit, or avoid get­ting into trou­ble.

John Maxwell is a well-known busi­ness au­thor. One of his books sends the same mes­sage. It’s called, There’s No Such Thing As Busi­ness Ethics: There’s Only One Rule for Mak­ing De­ci­sions. Ac­cord­ing to John, that rule is the Golden Rule: “Do unto oth­ers as you would have them do unto you.” In other words, do the right thing.

In a nut­shell, if you want to brand your­self as a per­son of high in­tegrity act as a per­son of high in­tegrity all the time – not just when it suits you, or when some­one might no­tice.

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