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LET’S face it, no one re­ally cares about Dan Brown’s books any more. Movie fans are only in­ter­ested in Tom Hanks as pro­fes­sor of sym­bol­ogy Robert Lang­don and how he breaks intricate codes to solve a mys­tery.

In this movie based on Brown’s 2013 novel of the same name, Lang­don wakes up in a hospi­tal room in Florence, Italy, with no me­mory of what has hap­pened and how he got there.

His doc­tor, Dr Si­enna Brooks (Jones) turns out to be a fan and tells him that he was in a car ac­ci­dent and is suf­fer­ing from tem­po­rary me­mory loss.

But when an as­sas­sin shows up at the hospi­tal and tries to kill Lang­don, Brooks helps him es­cape to her apart­ment where he strug­gles to re­trace his steps.

Lang­don finds a can­is­ter in his coat pocket that con­tains a bone with strange draw­ings on it. He dis­cov­ers that it is a spe­cial de­vice that projects an im­age to the wall. It is Dante’s de­scrip­tion of hell, but al­tered by some­one else.

When Lang­don and Brooks try to con­tact the US con­sulate for help, they are am­bushed by the as­sas­sin as well as a mys­te­ri­ous black van filled with armed men.

The armed men turn out to be work­ing for the World Health Or­gan­i­sa­tion.

They need Lang­don’s help in stop­ping Bertrand Zo­brist (Fos­ter) who plans to ‘save the world’ by wip­ing out most of the hu­man race with a deadly plague.

Zo­brist, who com­mit­ted sui­cide ear­lier in the movie, had left clues for his dis­ci­ples to find the plague.

Why he did not just tell them out­right, we do not know.

But as logic flies out the win­dow, we do get to en­joy some good ac­tion scenes and some his­tory lessons. There is also a twist that you can see a mile away.

In­dian ac­tor Ir­rfan Khan and French ac­tor Omar Sys do have size­able roles in the movie (hooray for di­ver­sity!), but too bad their char­ac­ters lack depth.

Over­all, watch it only if you are a fan of the pre­vi­ous movies.

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