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> Six steps for ap­ply­ing clas­sic red lip­stick

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RED lip­stick is great for mak­ing an im­pres­sion, but it’s not with­out its dif­fi­cul­ties. It’s too easy to smear, and red un­kindly em­pha­sises chapped lips in­stead of let­ting them shine.

Ex­perts give ad­vice and ex­plain how to get the per­fect red pout in six easy steps. 1. Ex­fo­li­ate: Lips are very sen­si­tive, which makes them prone to dry­ing out and tear­ing. Lip­stick will not ap­ply evenly to dry or chapped lips. Make-up artist Rene Koch rec­om­mends ex­fo­li­at­ing the lips to make them smooth, fin­ish­ing off with a lip balm.

2. Prime: Peter Sch­midinger rec­om­mends us­ing a primer as a sup­port for the lip­stick, which helps it stay on for longer.

“I ap­ply it to the lips, mak­ing sure any wrin­kles and crin­kles are also cov­ered up,” says the Ger­man make-up artist.

3. Line your lips: Koch rec­om­mends us­ing a lip liner a shade darker than your lip­stick. This helps give a flat­ter­ing di­men­sion to your lips, es­pe­cially the dou­ble curve of your up­per lip.

A firm pen­cil that has been sharp­ened is best.

“Lip liner can be­come greasy if it’s not stored in the re­frig­er­a­tor. You can also dip it in cold wa­ter be­fore us­ing it,” rec­om­mends Koch.

“I draw the out­line with gen­tle, suc­ces­sive strokes,” says Sch­midinger. “You don’t want to draw the line in one go, as this will look too se­vere and harsh.” Tight­en­ing the lips helps pre­vent the lip liner from smudg­ing.

For the ap­pear­ance of fuller, more ex­ag­ger­ated lips, go out­side the line of your lips and draw them on slightly big­ger than they ac­tu­ally are.

“The dis­tance be­tween the

(left) Red lip­stick should be fin­ished with a brush.

Sisley model.

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