Amer­i­can mil­i­tary prac­tises killing N. Korean leader

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SEOUL: US mil­i­tary forces have re­port­edly taken part in a se­ries of drills to prac­tise tak­ing out North Korean leader Kim JongUn in the event of an attack on the South by Py­ongyang.

A de­fence min­istry of­fi­cial con­firmed one sec­tion of the drills – named “In­vin­ci­ble Spirit” – in­volved plans to re­move the North Korean lead­er­ship in case ag­gres­sion be­tween the two coun­tries es­ca­lates.

“The In­vin­ci­ble Spirit ex­er­cise is aimed at show­ing the al­lied forces’ strong com­mit­ment to counter re­lent­less provo­ca­tions by the North,” the South Korean navy said in a state­ment. South Korea mean­while mo­bilised 40 mis­sile warships with spe­cial forces to prac­tice in­ter­cept­ing North Korean attacks and tar­get nu­clear weapons sites.

The two coun­tries last con­ducted joint naval drills in July 2010, af­ter 46 sailors died in the sink­ing of a South Korean ship by the North.

Last month, South Korea’s de­fence min­is­ter Han Min-Koo an­nounced the coun­try was as­sem­bling a mil­i­tary plan la­belled “Korea Mas­sive Pun­ish­ment and Retaliation” (KMPR) to take out Kim if a nu­clear strike was im­mi­nent.

“If it be­comes clear the en­emy in­tends to use nu­clear-tipped mis­siles, in or­der to sup­press its aims, the con­cept of the KMPR squad is to re­tal­i­ate against key ar­eas that in­clude the North Korean lead­er­ship,” Han told the Na­tional As­sem­bly in Seoul.

North Korea’s abil­ity to use nu­clear weapons is in­creas­ing “with each pass­ing month”, for­mer US State Depart­ment ne­go­tia­tor Robert Gal­lucci re­cently said.

In Septem­ber, Py­ongyang claimed it had ad­vanced its abil­ity to make a nu­clear weapon by minia­tur­is­ing and mount­ing a war­head on a mis­sile, in the wake of a pow­er­ful nu­clear test which was crit­i­cised by lead­ers around the world. – The In­de­pen­dent

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