Bad fit­ness ad­vice

> Many so-called ex­perts’ rec­om­men­da­tions on what to do and what not to do to stay fit some­times lack sim­ple com­mon sense

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help strengthen them.

If you ex­er­cise, you must take more pro­tein It’s mind blow­ing that peo­ple who get to know me as­sume that I con­sume pro­tein pow­ders reg­u­larly.

The fact is, I’ve merely made good use of the food I’ve con­sumed to help build mus­cle, by watch­ing my calo­ries and nu­tri­tion.

Yes, mus­cles do need pro­tein for growth, but clever ad­ver­tis­ing by the sup­ple­ment prod­uct mak­ers would have you be­lieve that bod­ies can only be built through pro­tein sup­ple­men­ta­tion.

You must first be fit to start a fit­ness pro­gramme I teach Spin classes and run boot­camp ses­sions. Yes, I would say these two pro­grammes are de­cently in­tense.

How­ever, as with all fit­ness pro­grammes and even the mighty CrossFit, there are al­ways con­ces­sions to ac­com­mo­date be­gin­ners.

Carbs and fat are bad The sham­ing of carbs and fat came about af­ter the Atkins diet be­came pop­u­lar. It was also a time when body­build­ing be­came pop­u­lar and every­body wanted a shred­ded body; which is to elim­i­nate carbs and fat

The fact is, the fit­ness com­mu­nity now ad­vo­cates these buzz words: por­tion con­trol, nu­tri­tional knowl­edge, bal­anced diet and moder­a­tion.

Carbs and fat are es­sen­tial for nu­tri­tion and en­ergy. In fact, healthy fats such as omega-3 are vi­tal to your fit­ness regime.

To get a six-pack, do more ab ex­er­cises This one is not bad fit­ness ad­vice, but a poor un­der­stand­ing of the truth.

The truth is your six-pack mus­cles will be harder and stronger but un­less your body fat per­cent­age is at a sub 15%, they will never show.

Lift­ing weights makes you bulky What is per­ceived as ‘bulky’ are the hyper-mus­cu­lar physiques of body­builders and ex­treme ex­er­cise ma­ni­acs – many of whom are in it for pub­lic­ity – who are also prob­a­bly on mus­cle­en­hanc­ing sup­ple­ments, quite pos­si­bly steroids too.

Lift­ing weights will make your mus­cles stronger and toned, which is what gives your body def­i­ni­tion.

The more mus­cle you have, the bet­ter you move and the bet­ter your me­tab­o­lism will be.

Let’s be fit!

Jonathan Tan is club man­ager of the Sports Toto Fit­ness Cen­tre at Ber­jaya Times Square. He can be con­tacted at life­style.jonathan@ the­

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