High tide havoc

> Al­most 500 in Se­lan­gor evac­u­ated as floods hit homes in coastal ar­eas

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PETAL­ING JAYA: Some 482 peo­ple were evac­u­ated from their houses in Se­lan­gor due to the high tide phe­nom­e­non yes­ter­day.

A Se­lan­gor Dis­as­ter Op­er­a­tions Room spokesman said they were placed at five re­lief cen­tres – Datuk Ah­mad Razali multi pur­pose hall, Kam­pung Tok Muda multi pur­pose hall, Seri Sek­in­chan hall, Sun­gai Air Tawar hall and Parit Baru hall in Sabak Ber­nam.

State Dis­as­ter Com­mit­tee chair­man Ah­mad Afandi Mo­hamad said the bunds at Sun­gai Kera­mat in Kam­pung Batu that were dam­aged fol­low­ing the high tide yes­ter­day morn­ing would be re­paired im­me­di­ately, and the area would be monitored.

Ar­eas in Sabak Ber­nam such as Sun­gai Lang, Pan­tai Batu 23, Kam­pung Ne­layan Ba­gan Nakhoda Omar and the Pan­tai Ke­lanang coast in Kuala Lan­gat were also flooded.

In PERAK, five ar­eas were af­fected at 5pm on Mon­day – Ba­gan Ikan, Ba­gan Sun­gai Bu­rung, Ba­gan Sun­gai Tiang, Ba­gan Li­pas and Ba­gan Pasir Laut but the tide re­ceded about an hour later.

In Teluk In­tan, five ar­eas were af­fected at 4am yes­ter­day, namely Kam­pung Batu 7 1/2 Jalan Ma­hara­jalela, Kam­pung Seri Jaya Batu 6, Lorong Kalat Batak Rabit, Jeti Pak Ali Sun­gai Jelawat and Kam­pung Esso. The wa­ter re­ceded com­pletely by 7am.

In Kam­pung Ba­gan Pan­chor, Pan­tai Remis, the sit­u­a­tion was un­der con­trol al­though sea­wa­ter rose from 2.30am.

Man­jung Drainage and Ir­ri­ga­tion Depart­ment dis­trict en­gi­neer M. Sa­sitha­ran said the wa­ter was recorded at 3.3m above sea level as of 5.45am yes­ter­day but it re­ceded at 6am.

In BUT­TER­WORTH, heavy rain yes­ter­day morn­ing and the high-tide phe­nom­e­non re­sulted in Kam­pung Manis, Perai and the Telok Ipil area in Ni­bong Te­bal be­ing in­un­dated in 3.1m of wa­ter at 2am, the high­est level since the phe­nom­e­non started. How­ever, no res­i­dents were evac­u­ated.

In SUN­GAI PETANI, the num­ber of flood vic­tims housed at four evac­u­a­tion cen­tres fol­low­ing the high tide phe­nom­e­non at six vil­lages in Kota Kuala Muda has risen to 94, com­pris­ing 27 fam­i­lies, com­pared to 85 on Mon­day, with the in­crease con­fined to Kam­pung Sun­gai Me­riam.

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