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MED­I­TA­TION en­hances our in­tu­ition by help­ing us ‘smell’ the cir­cum­stances. We some­how know if it’s right for us to be in a place or not, whether we should be a part of some­thing or with­draw from it.

We are taught that ed­u­ca­tion em­pow­ers an in­di­vid­ual to carve out his own path, but I have seen many ed­u­cated, fi­nan­cially-em­pow­ered youth give in to a par­tic­u­lar life­style even at the cost of their own well-be­ing.

We seem to ig­nore com­mon sense for the sake of con­ve­nience.

One of the rea­sons for this trend is that none of us wants to be left out of our so­cial cir­cle. Peer pres­sure be­comes the or­der of the day.

In­tro­spec­tion in­creases our will to obey our con­science and gives voice to our orig­i­nal good­ness.

It also en­sures we stand by our eth­i­cal life­style choices un­apolo­get­i­cally, even when it meant be­ing the odd one out.

Con­nect­ing with the truth en­ables us to see things as they are.

At cru­cial stages in our jour­ney, such as when we have to choose our field of study and work, med­i­ta­tion helps us to put aside the noise of so­cial ex­pec­ta­tions and make de­ci­sions in tune with our in­ner call­ing.

Through its reg­u­lar prac­tice, it en­hances our spir­i­tual pow­ers and we are able to judge when to hold on with courage and when it’s time to let go and move on.

This un­der­stand­ing of our­selves and our jour­ney gives us the real independence that young adults as­pire for.

Go­ing within is not only a great tech­nique to re­lax our mind and body, but is much more than that. When we con­nect to the Divine in our thoughts, we ac­cess all that He has.

And it is for this flavour, es­pe­cially, that I rec­om­mend this in­ner jour­ney to ev­ery­one.

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