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THE Global Bur­den of Dis­ease 2010 study es­ti­mated that 251 mil­lion peo­ple suf­fered from knee os­teoarthri­tis (OA) world­wide. Ac­cord­ing to the World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion (WHO), an es­ti­mated 524 mil­lion peo­ple were aged 65 or older and this num­ber is ex­pected to triple by 2050, af­fect­ing 16% of the world’s pop­u­la­tion. Stud­ies have also re­vealed that a grow­ing num­ber of younger peo­ple are now suf­fer­ing from early stages of this dis­ease. re­lief in­clude in­jec­tion to re­plen­ish the joint lu­bri­cant (hyaluronic acid) or go­ing for joint re­place­ment surgery. While in theory re­plen­ish­ing the joint lu­bri­cant will re­duce pain sig­nif­i­cantly and help with move­ment, hyaluronic in­jec­tions, also known as vis­co­sup­ple­ments can be painful and don’t al­ways work for ev­ery­one. Mean­while, joint re­place­ment surgery can be costly. patented nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ent with a high con­cen­tra­tion of hyaluronic acid ex­tracted from rooster combs rich in sodium hyalu­rate (HA), hy­drol­ysed col­la­gen and polysac­cha­rides. Mo­bilee also con­tains other nat­u­ral com­po­nents (col­la­gen and polysac­cha­rides) that act in syn­ergy to en­hance its ef­fects.

B2­cool, a na­tive type II col­la­gen ex­tracted from chicken ster­num car­ti­lage has demon­strated clin­i­cal ef­fect at low doses in dif­fer­ent joint prob­lems – rheuma­toid arthri­tis, os­teoarthri­tis and joint dis­com­fort by re­duc­ing joint swelling and pain, and im­prov­ing knee func­tion. It has a spe­cial mechanism of ac­tion and oral tol­er­ance ab­sorbed in the gut and ini­ti­ates cell-sig­nalling cas­cades that uses the body’s nat­u­ral re­pair mech­a­nisms. It is tested safe and only a low dose needed. “As the dis­ease pro­gresses we need to move to a more tar­geted nat­u­ral ther­apy that can be taken orally and eas­ily di­gested, with­out hav­ing to go through any pain, nee­dles or surg­eries,” said Bioiber­ica in­ter­na­tional sci­en­tific man­ager Marta Ma­sides Ola­garta.

She added, “this spe­cial com­bi­na­tion is clin­i­cally tested to help suf­fer­ers with just one cap­sule a day for eight weeks to re­plen­ish joint (syn­ovial) flu­ids to lubri­cate joints by in­creas­ing joint hyaluronic acids by 10 folds, and to re­build the joint car­ti­lage re­pair­ing process and re­gain strength, nat­u­rally.”

A Com­mu­nity Ori­ented Pro­gramme for Con­trol of Rheumatic Dis­eases (COPCORD) sur­vey which was con­ducted in Malaysia back in 2007 found most os­teoarthri­tis suf­fer­ers in Malaysia have knee os­teoarthri­tis, which cor­re­lated with an­other study con­ducted in Hong Kong. The study also found that most Malaysians aged 55 years com­plained that the rate of pain in­creased to 23% whilst a 39% in­crease of pain rate was found in those over 65 years.

“Early treat­ment can help to al­le­vi­ate the symp­toms and slow down the pro­gres­sion of this dis­ease. There are many younger peo­ple who wants to be ac­tive in sports but can’t due to early stages of joint de­gen­er­a­tion. Their is­sues are not se­vere enough for surgery but painful enough to limit their abil­ity to con­tinue in sports,” said Ola­garta.

Kordel’s Hyaluronic Acid with Type ll Col­la­gen is avail­able in bot­tles of 30s and 90s at phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide. For de­tails, email ask-ko­rdels cam­ or call 1300-88-1712.

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