Parking woes at Jalan Duta court com­plex


KUALA LUMPUR: Get­ting a parking lot at the Jalan Duta court com­plex is a huge prob­lem.

With 79 court­rooms un­der one roof and pro­ceed­ings in al­most all the courts go­ing on ev­ery day, the pub­lic and lawyers who have work at the Kom­pleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur (KMKL) face a night­mare look­ing for a slot in one of the 500 parking bays out­side the com­plex.

Lawyer Chew PC said lawyers with the Bar Coun­cil sticker or em­blem are al­lowed to park in­side the com­plex vicin­ity.

“How­ever, by 8.30am the parking is al­ready full and we have to go look­ing for a spot out­side,” she said re­fer­ring to the open pub­lic parking space out­side the com­plex.

Lawyer Paval­lakodi Nadara­jah, 28, said it is a “ter­ri­ble” ex­pe­ri­ence search­ing for a parking space ev­ery morn­ing.

“Even if we man­age to get a parking lot there is also a safety prob­lem here. Cars get­ting bro­ken into or stolen in this parking space is some­thing we hear of­ten and even goes vi­ral on so­cial me­dia,” she told theSun.

Ac­cord­ing to KMKL’s of­fi­cial web­site, there are 1,000 parking bays com­pris­ing 200 cov­ered parking for judges and court of­fi­cers, 300 open parking in the com­pound for court staff and 500 parking bays for lawyers and the pub­lic.

Pub­lic Works Depart­ment (PWD) direc­torgen­eral Datuk Seri Roslan Md Taha told theSun the orig­i­nal build­ing plans of the court com­plex was changed due to the client’s re­quest to con­vert one base­ment parking area into a file room.

Roslan said in the ini­tial build­ing plan there were a to­tal of 1,402 parking bays but the client agency had made changes to the orig­i­nal plan.

He added that PWD is not privy to the changes in build­ing plans or ren­o­va­tion works in the com­plex in the later stages as they were solely han­dled by the court ad­min­is­tra­tion.


There are only 500 pub­lic parking lots avail­able – more are ur­gently re­quired.

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