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> Aimee Car­rerro gets her first voice act­ing role as Dis­ney’s lat­est princess, Elena of Avalor

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DIS­NEY’S first princess in­spired by di­verse Latin cul­tures and folk­lore will make her royal de­but on Elena of Avalor this Sun­day at 11am on the Dis­ney Chan­nel (Astro chan­nel 615).

The series is set in the fairy­tale land of Avalor, and tells the story of Elena, a brave and ad­ven­tur­ous teenager who saved her king­dom from an evil sor­cer­ess, and who must now learn to rule as the crown princess, un­til she is old enough to be­come queen.

Elena’s jour­ney will lead her to un­der­stand that her new role re­quires thought­ful­ness, re­silience and com­pas­sion, the traits of all truly great lead­ers.

The highly-an­tic­i­pated series fea­tures orig­i­nal mu­sic in each episode, in­clud­ing Elena’s an­them My Time, which has been lo­calised in Ba­hasa Malaysia, and sung by pop­u­lar singer El­iz­a­beth Tan in a mu­sic video that has been en­ter­tain­ing Dis­ney Chan­nel au­di­ences.

Elena is voiced by Aimee Car­rero. Her re­cent tele­vi­sion cred­its in­clude roles on Young & Hun­gry, Blindspot and The Amer­i­cans, while her film roles in­clude The Last Witch Hunter and The Devil’s Due.

In a ques­tion-and-an­swer tran­script pro­vided by Dis­ney Chan­nel, Car­rero, 28, spoke about giv­ing voice to Elena.

How has this whole ex­pe­ri­ence been like? “I de­cided to au­di­tion be­cause I wanted a job, and I didn’t even know it was go­ing to be for the first Latina Dis­ney pincess.

“Dis­ney wanted to keep it a sur­prise, so when I au­di­tioned, I had no idea what it was for. It is an un­ex­pected dream job!

“I never thought I would do an­i­ma­tion (this is my first an­i­ma­tion job). It’s been a learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence and it’s in­cred­i­bly cre­ative.

“The whole team is open to sug­ges­tions and it’s def­i­nitely a team ef­fort.”

Were there any mem­o­rable or funny be­hind-thescene mo­ments? “Be­cause I’m not a voice ac­tor, I al­ways give ev­ery line a few takes. The first cou­ple of takes would be tra­di­tional ‘princessy’ takes.

“Then, to keep things fun and in­ter­est­ing, I would have some crazy takes that the pro­duc­ers would prob­a­bly never use, but

To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before with Wil­lie Nel­son, My Love with Ste­vie some­times it comes out re­ally funny or un­ex­pected, and they ac­tu­ally do use it.”

Do you think Elena makes a good role model? “Ab­so­lutely! I think Elena is a won­der­ful role model and leader, be­cause she is not afraid to make mis­takes. “She is still learn­ing to nav­i­gate the world as a teenager, while be­ing true to who she is. “My favourite thing about Elena is that she is un­afraid to try again, and she is bold in the face of fail­ure.”

Do you share any sim­i­lar at­tributes with Elena? “Yes, I def­i­nitely iden­tify with her be­ing a per­son who is try­ing to fig­ure out who she is, and also hav­ing this in­cred­i­ble re­spon­si­bil­ity. “Elena is some­one who is am­bi­tious and open to ad­ven­ture; and that’s what I ad­mire about her.”

Out of all Elena’s traits, which one do you think is “I think it’s com­pas­sion be­cause if you have com­pas­sion, you can learn from other peo­ple.

“A true leader is some­one who doesn’t use her power reck­lessly.

“In her com­pas­sion, Elena is thought­ful, and can put her­self in some­one else’s shoes and be­cause of that, she is able to rule in a way that is kind and ben­e­fi­cial to peo­ple.”

What are some of your favourite Dis­ney char­ac­ters? “Dis­ney has been in my fam­ily for a long time. My un­cle is an Imag­i­neer at Dis­ney and ... I felt very much a part of the Dis­ney fam­ily even before I had this op­por­tu­nity to play Elena.

“Grow­ing up, my favourite princesses were Princess Jas­mine, Poc­a­hon­tas and Mu­lan, be­cause they are princesses who are not afraid to get into the ac­tion, and they do not need a Prince Charm­ing or any­body else to help them. They’re okay with tak­ing con­trol of their own story and be­ing the hero.”

Any mes­sage for Malaysian view­ers? “The story of Elena is a beau­ti­ful story about a girl who is try­ing to find her place in the world and be­come a leader; at the very core is a mes­sage about lead­er­ship, com­pas­sion and brav­ery.

“Also, I re­ally feel the mu­sic is go­ing to res­onate with peo­ple – it’s one of my favourite things about the show!

“I think there’s some­thing for ev­ery­one in Elena of Avalor and I hope Malaysian view­ers will en­joy that.”

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