Price of moral­ity

> It is def­i­nitely harder to stay on the high moral ground in our work and life nowa­days

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off the mistress is: “He’s not as rich as you think.”

Mean­while, a reader wrote in with a story about pos­si­bly the least moral job of the year.

Most match­mak­ers of­fer to find ‘that spe­cial some­one’ for sin­gle peo­ple, but Azad Chai­wala’s firm of­fers to find that ‘sec­ond spe­cial some­one’ for men who come from cul­tures that al­low mul­ti­ple wives.

It’s a bit risky, since he works from the UK, where polygamy is il­le­gal.

Azad claims to be a moral­ist, ar­gu­ing that polygamy is more moral than hav­ing love af­fairs.

This is a bit like say­ing rob­bing old peo­ple is okay be­cause rob­bing chil­dren is worse. I guess in truth, it is harder to be moral­is­tic now than it used to be.

If sex­ting US politi­cian An­thony Weiner lived in 1600, he would have had to com­mis­sion artists to do oil por­traits of him in his un­der­pants and then have foot­men hand-carry them to the fa­thers of girls he liked.

All too much like hard work. Much bet­ter to live on a moun­tain and think about the mean­ing of life, right?

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