Big shift in sale of cook­ing oil


THE sales of cook­ing oil in 5kg bot­tles have dropped by as much as 70% fol­low­ing re­moval of the sub­sidy, as con­sumers switch to buy­ing cook­ing oil in 1kg poly­bags, which is still be­ing sub­sidised.

Perak Sundry Shops Guild pres­i­dent Chuah Seong Kok said amid a wave of hikes in the prices of goods, many con­sumers opt for sub­sidised cook­ing oil i.e. in 1kg poly­bags.

This caused the sales of cook­ing oil in bot­tles, par­tic­u­larly 5kg bot­tles, to drop dras­ti­cally.

As such, he sug­gested the govern­ment step in to bring the price dif­fer­ences among the var­i­ous pack­ag­ings to within 30-40 sen per kilo­gramme, to bal­ance sales for oil in dif­fer­ent types of pack­ag­ing.

He said the price of the 1kg poly­bag is still fixed at RM2.50, which works out to RM12.50 for 5kg (five packs) whereas a 5kg bot­tle costs around RM19, or RM3.80 a kg.

“To a house­wife, it means sav­ing RM6.50 if she opts for five poly­bags in­stead of a 5kg bot­tle, which is enough pocket money for a school­go­ing child for two days.”

Speak­ing to Ori­en­tal Daily News on Mon­day, Chuah pointed out that in the past, house­wives pre­ferred bot­tled cook­ing oil as the bot­tle pack­ag­ing is eas­ier to use.

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