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The preva­lence of anger is­sues and de­pres­sion today, ac­cord­ing to Lina is be­cause we are not taught to han­dle emo­tions ef­fec­tively. “We – even our par­ents and grand­par­ents – were brought up with­out skills on how to un­der­stand emo­tions, and even less so on how to han­dle them ef­fec­tively. Most par­ents are wing­ing it on what they them­selves have ex­pe­ri­enced while they were grow­ing up. In fact, we were told from young that be­ing emo­tional is bad. If you walk around the mall, for ex­am­ple, you can see this very clearly. If a child gets up­set and cry, what do most par­ents do? Gen­er­ally they do two things, first is to hush them up by scold­ing them or even beat­ing them. Sec­ond, they bribe the child by giv­ing them ice cream, candy or toys. All these are sup­pres­sion and dis­trac­tion. The core emo­tion that causes the up­set feel­ings are not re­solved and those emo­tions starts to fes­ter. In a sense, this is a gen­er­a­tional dis­ease.”

With more peo­ple suf­fer­ing from emo­tional is­sues in the world today, it is es­sen­tial for us to ac­knowl­edge our feel­ings es­pe­cially the neg­a­tives ones. “It is very im­por­tant to know how to han­dle emo­tions ef­fec­tively, not just anger. And if any­one has any un­re­solved emo­tional is­sues, please do reach out for help as it does not only af­fect your own self but also those around you.”

Lina Esa Öberg has a LLB (Hons) and prac­tised law for 17 years. Dur­ing her prac­tice, she re­alised that there are many peo­ple who are stressed and un­happy. She no­ticed it even among her friends and fam­ily, re­al­is­ing that there is a gen­eral un­hap­pi­ness ev­ery­where. In 2005, af­ter an in­ci­dent that shook her to the core, it made her in­ter­ested in her own emo­tional state, psy­chol­ogy and coun­selling. She ob­tained a di­ploma in hyp­nother­apy in early 2010 via the USA NGH cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­gramme and prac­tises emo­tional ther­apy full time at The Vi­o­let Flame KL.

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