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AS a fol­low-up to our ar­ti­cle on BHPetrol Euro 5 Diesel (“Know the ‘bet­ter’ diesel”, Sept 2), here are some more fre­quently-asked ques­tions on BHPetrol’s Diesel, both Euro 5 and Euro 2M:

Where can BHPetrol diesel with the “New Gen­er­a­tion” ad­di­tives* be pur­chased at? All BHPetrol sta­tions in Malaysia sell BHPetrol Euro 2M Diesel and 115 sta­tions now also sell Euro 5 Diesel.

If my ve­hi­cle’s (diesel) en­gine is not one of the lat­est types, do I need to use Euro 5 Diesel? BHPetrol Euro 5 Diesel has a very much lower sul­phur con­tent which is much bet­ter for any en­gine as sul­phur is dam­ag­ing to the en­gine. There­fore, whether the en­gine is old or new, it would be much more ben­e­fi­cial to use BHPetrol Euro 5 Diesel reg­u­larly for the best per­for­mance.

If my en­gine is a mod­ern type, can I still use Euro 2M Diesel? It is not ad­vis­able to use Euro 2M Diesel in mod­ern en­gines as the higher sul­phur con­tent will cause prob­lems and in­crease main­te­nance costs. Per­for­mance will also not be as good as what the man­u­fac­turer de­signed the en­gine to pro­duce and ul­ti­mately, en­gine life may be short­ened as well.

Can I use other ad­di­tives in BHPetrol Diesel? The New Gen­er­a­tion ad­di­tives that come in ev­ery litre of BHPetrol Diesel are suf­fi­cient to pro­vide all the nec­es­sary “Clean Up” (re­moval of ex­ist­ing de­posits) and “Keep Clean” (re­moval of new de­posits) per­for­mance.

How much ad­di­tive is added to BHPetrol Diesel? Both In­finiti Euro 5 and Euro 2M diesel are treated with ad­di­tives at the rec­om­mended quan­tity to pro­vide both Clean Up and Keep Clean. This is to pro­vide your en­gine and in­jec­tor max­i­mum clean­ing and clean per­for­mance.

Can BHPetrol Euro 2M Diesel be mixed with Euro 5 Diesel? Yes, the two grades can be mixed. How­ever, the full ben­e­fits of Euro 5 Diesel such as its ul­tralow sul­phur con­tent will not be avail­able so the en­gine will not op­er­ate at its best level.

* The ad­di­tives have been ex­ten­sively tested in lab­o­ra­to­ries in ac­cor­dance with the XUD9 CEC F 23-01 (In­di­rect In­jec­tion En­gine Test) and DW10 CEC F 98-08 (Di­rect In­jec­tion En­gine Test) stan­dards set by the Co­or­di­nat­ing Euro­pean Coun­cil (CEC).

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