The Or­phan Queen

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Author: Jodi Mead­ows Pub­lisher: Kather­ine Te­gen Books ISBN: 9780062317391

IN A world where magic is for­bid­den, Princess Wil­helmina’s abil­ity to per­form it might be just the thing to help re­claim her king­dom, or ruin it for­ever.

When her par­ents re­fused to sign the Wraith Al­liance which makes magic il­le­gal, the Indigo King­dom con­quered her home­land Aecor, and Wil­helmina and other or­phaned chil­dren of no­bil­ity were taken to Sky­vale, the Indigo King­dom’s cap­i­tal.

Res­cued by Pa­trick Lien, the son of an Aecor’s gen­eral, they be­came Ospreys, ex­perts at stealth and theft.

To­gether, they mean to take back Wil­helmina’s throne.

But Wraith, a toxic by-prod­uct of magic, is pour­ing across the con­ti­nent, re­shap­ing the land and an­i­mals – even hu­mans – into fresh hor­rors.

Other king­doms have fallen, and soon it will reach the Indigo King­dom.

Wil­helmina and best friend Me­lanie mas­quer­ade as ex­iled no­bles, and en­ter the Indigo King­dom as guests to find out all they could about king­dom’s plans for fight­ing the Wraith, and restor Aecor to glory.

There, Wil­helmina meets the

The Or­phan Queen is a thrilling read, with ac­tion and ro­mance, fight­ing for supremacy with se­cret iden­ti­ties, and the wield­ing of ter­ri­fy­ingly dan­ger­ous magic.

But just when it gets in­ter­est­ing, you come to the cliffhanger at the end, and must wait for the next in­stal­ment, The Mir­ror King. – K.K. Wong

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