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CRE­MOR­LAB Hy­dro Plus Snow Falls is a skin­care range for­mu­lated with T.E.N.™ wa­ter and edel­weiss ex­tract to soothe skin.

The Snow Falls line com­prises Hy­dro Plus Snow Falls Whip­ping Cleanser, Es­sen­tial Mist, Vel­vet Toner and Melt­ing Cream.

T.E.N.™ stands for Ther­mal Wa­ter Ther­apy, Eco En­ergy and Nat­u­ral Nour­ish­ment – the key in­gre­di­ent in Cre­mor­lab prod­ucts.

T.E.N.™ comes from the ther­mal wa­ters from1,100m be­low sea level in the small town of Geumjin, Gang­won Prov­ince, that pre­serves the vi­tal­ity of na­ture ly­ing be­neath count­less lay­ers un­der the earth's sur­face.

The se­cret to this wa­ter's spe­cial value lies in min­er­als, the purest, most es­sen­tial form of life en­ergy that has un­der­gone nat­u­ral pu­rifi­ca­tion for 260 mil­lions years.

T.E.N.™, which con­tains rich min­er­als and rare min­er­als with healing and vi­tal­is­ing power, is com­posed of tiny min­eral par­ti­cles smaller than your pores. Blended with es­sen­tial nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents, it helps de­liver the most ef­fec­tive com­po­nents di­rectly to your skin, in a form op­ti­mised for ab­sorp­tion and give ex­cep­tional hy­dra­tion.

Cre­mo­lab Hy­dro Plus Snow Falls is ex­clu­sively avail­able at se­lected Wat­sons stores. BYE, BLEMISHES! Meet Tea Tree An­tiIm­per­fec­tion Daily So­lu­tion (50ml), part of The Body Shop’s lat­est blem­ish-bat­tling squad. The brand’s 100% Com­mu­nity Trade tea tree oil is in­fused into this so­lu­tion for on-the-spot re­lief and long-term de­fence against blemishes. Priced at RM95, it is a light­weight, fast-ab­sorb­ing serum which helps skin look smoother, health­ier and clearer. Com­ple­ment­ing the re­sults of this “daily skin avenger” in the same range are the new 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask (125ml) and The Body Shop’s iconic Tea Tree Oil (10ml), avail­able at RM79 and RM42 re­spec­tively.

READ HER LIPS Rein­vent­ing it­self 25 years af­ter its in­cep­tion, Lancôme’s L’Ab­solu Rouge lip­sticks now come in three tex­tures – sheer, cream and matte – to in­flu­ence per­cep­tion of the pal­ette’s 86 shades; 50 of which are new and cre­ated by make-up artist Lisa Eldridge. Af­ter choos­ing a colour, each woman can se­lect her favourite fin­ish to evoke a dif­fer­ent ef­fect, or cre­ate lip art in a gra­da­tion of two shades or com­bi­na­tion of tex­tures. The new L’Ab­solu Rouge is nes­tled in a lac­quered black metal case, crowned with a rose re­worked like a golden seal.

HAIL HY­DRA­TION In­fused with mul­ti­ple in­ten­sive bright­en­ing in­gre­di­ents such as vi­ta­mins C and B3, and Carno­sine to fight against red­ness, dark spots and dull­ness, Hada Labo’s all-new Whiten­ing Wa­ter Gel re­bal­ances un­even skin, boosts ra­di­ance and fair­ness, and reawak­ens dull-look­ing skin and im­proves yel­low skin tone for a lu­mi­nous and ra­di­ant com­plex­ion. It’s also in­fused with four types of Hyaluronic Acids that deeply pen­e­trate into skin lay­ers and lock in mois­ture. Ul­tra light, free of fra­grance and min­eral oil, as well as pHbal­anced, Whiten­ing Wa­ter Gel is re­tail­ing at RM69.90 at all lead­ing phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide.

MIGHTY WHITE Last­ing fair­ness, smoother skin and in­stant glow are at­tain­able with nanowhite’s Dou­ble Ac­tion Whiten­ing Gel-Cream. To com­bat our sur­round­ing’s free rad­i­cals which ox­i­dise skin cells, the gel-cream is spe­cially for­mu­lated to fight these nui­sances. Ideal for all skin types, Dou­ble Ac­tion Whiten­ing GelCream (40ml) is re­tail­ing at RM39.90.

Cre­mo­lab Hy­dro Plus Snow Falls range.

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