Ready, set, crawl

> Chan­nel your in­ner child with the next hottest and most un­usual fitness craze which helps to strengthen your limbs and core

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your core and try lift­ing your knees slightly, hov­er­ing them above the ground a few inches, but in the same po­si­tion.”

Re­peat this move for­wards, and then back­wards, while en­sur­ing your form is cor­rect and your weight is equally dis­trib­uted, and your pelvis is aligned and doesn’t twist.

Once you have the ba­sics down, crawl­ing can eas­ily be in­cor­po­rated into ex­ist­ing work­outs, par­tic­u­lar cir­cuit train­ing and HIIT rou­tines.

“I usu­ally have my team at Lu­l­ule­mon per­form­ing a se­ries of stair sprints, planks, squats, su­per­mans, and then bear crawls on a cir­cuit-based timer, switch­ing it up ev­ery few min­utes for a full 30- to 45-minute work­out,” says Gray.

Here are some tips to help you try Gray’s crawl­ing work­out at home:

Get onto all fours on the floor. Place your hands di­rectly in front of you, be­low your shoul­ders. Knees should be rest­ing hip­width apart.

Press into the floor firmly with both hands and feet, hover your knees an inch off the ground into a ‘ta­ble top’ or ‘bear crawl’ po­si­tion.

Keep­ing your spine par­al­lel to the floor, and hov­er­ing like a hunt­ing cat, move for­ward with each hand a few inches, fol­low­ing closely with the op­po­site foot.

Try per­form­ing this move back­wards, lead­ing with the feet first and fol­low­ing with the hands.

This brings an en­tirely new ap­proach into play, where you have to think about your aware­ness and sta­bil­ity.

Pay at­ten­tion to the sur­face your per­form crawls on and take care of your knees and wrists.

Don’t put all of your body weight in one area, but dis­trib­ute it evenly over your body and keep your spine neu­tral.

You can also do this move side­wards, front­wards, back­wards – whichever you pre­fer. – The In­de­pen­dent

(above and right) A seem­ingly sim­ple ex­er­cise such as crawl­ing back and forth can train your mus­cles and help im­prove your bal­ance.

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