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Lo­cated in Ben’s Gen­eral Food Store in Pub­lika, B’Wiched used to be known for its cooked-to-or­der sand­wiches. They’ve since made the tran­si­tion into a fully fledged bak­ery with their sand­wiches sold as ‘on-the-go’ sand­wiches. Don’t fret though; even if the sand­wiches aren’t cooked to or­der, they taste just as good – and there’s no need to wait (aside from the cashier line) be­fore you can grab a bite. With sand­wich names like Shia Le Beef, Patty White, Banh Mi Lo­vato or Sal­mon Hayek, how can you re­sist? If you have to choose be­tween any of the pun-tas­tic sand­wiches, go for the Banh Mi Lo­vato – the gen­er­ous amount of chicken com­bined with the large baguette will have you feel­ing full in no time.

Pub­lika, Jalan Du­ta­mas 1, KL (03 6209 1717). Daily, 9am-10pm.

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